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Getting your name out to the public

Getting your name out to the public. Any business large or small is faced with the challenge of being able to get their name out where the public is aware that they are there. That recognition is the foundation that many marketing plans are based on.

So, how do you get your name out there to the public? There really are some basic things that you can add to your marketing plan that will help you gain the potential customers you will need for increased profits.


The Internet is one of the fast, most affective and inexpensive ways you can get your name out there. The reason for this is that there is a huge amount of web visitors every day. They check email, search pages, and even chat about what is going on or available out there.

Here are some good options to go with for Internet marketing.


Emails are a great way to market and approach your new or prospective customers. The emails should be created in the standard form of a letter. Like a post card or letter you would mail through regular mail.

- Keep the information short and to the point.
- Adding colors to your emails, maybe a graphic or two, and your logo is a great way to emphasis the information you are trying to get to the public.
- You can use emails in a couple different ways.
a. You can use emails to gain new customer by doing a bulk mail out to many different email addresses.
b. You can send out new deals, sales, and programs your service has for current customers.

Chat services

These services are great ways to reach customers on more of a one on one level. This is just like handing out your personal business card. Be sure that as you present your information, you keep it professional.


Blogs work much like chats. You list the information for your business in the blogs for people to read.

Video or audio podcasting

Video and regular podcasting that works on different servers and sites is another great option for the Internet. You can create mini-commercials that can easily be viewed. Most of the time is a very low cost way to show video or audio information for your business.

Other than the Internet you can also use other forms of marketing. There are ways that are inexpensive, and some that cost more. Here are some you can see if they will work for you.

Regular mail

Yes this famous old stand by still works. Regular mail is a great way to reach several new and existing customers out there. You will want to follow the same thoughts of design as listed for email. Bright, informative, to the point is the main key.

You can send out the advertising for your business in the form of a letter, a flyer, or even a pamphlet or postcard. It is up to your financial limitations and budgeting.

Radio commercials

Millions of people listen to the radio. If you have the funding for radio advertising this is a great way to get your name out to the public.

Television commercials

This is another great option for advertising. However it is very expensive even for a late nightspot on a station that is not watched often. Though, if you have the funding, you will find you can reach many more people than with most any other form of marketing and advertising.

These are all some really great ways to get your name out to the public. Check out what they will do for your marketing plan and what you can fit into your marketing budget.

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