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What you should be Tweeting

Using Twitter for business building requires a certain amount of paying attention to what other people are talking about (eavesdropping), and then doing your own talking (tweeting).Once you understand the trends and topics of interest for your target market, you can put together a proper social media campaign for Twitter in order to gain the most interest and have the biggest impact. This is a guide to what you should be talking about, tweeting about, and sharing when you are use Twitter to build your business.

1. When you tweet, you should remember to post interesting information. What you had for dinner, what you like about yourself, etc. is not interesting to a large following unless you are a celebrity. Instead, remember the trending topics and topics they are already interested in, and see how you can relate them to your business.
2. When you tweet, provide information that is relevant to your consumers. They will follow you only if you are giving them information that they want to have. Look and see what the trending topics are, what users are looking at and sharing, and try to provide them with information along the same lines.
3. Tweet information that is, in fact, informative.Make sure the information you send out is valuable, and that those who read it will feel as if they gained something from it.

This leaves you a lot of room for tweeting information that is going to help position you as an expert, and help you build a community of followers that appreciate you for what you can bring to the table. The following are a few examples of things that you should tweet:
- Customer service information, how to get help, answers to frequently asked questions, and other customer service department help.
- You ought to tweet links to your blog posts, in order to help gain more traffic and recognition of your site, without blatantly self-promoting.
- You should tweet industry news, and other interesting facts that are related to your industry.
- Updates about the products and services you offer. You may want to tweet about new products, product changes, changes to service, and more.
- Any events of special offers that your company offers. Twitter can be a great platform for announcements.

Your goal should be to provide relevant and interesting information to people already interested in your industry, to offer help and new information to those people already taking advantage of your products and services. This will help you gain a following, and not be thought of as a spammer, or self-serving individual, but a contributing member to an online community. If you provide information of value, your followers will retweet your content to their followers, and they in turn may do the same. It will be a great way to use social media to do some viral marketing, and product evangelism

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