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How to create a great elevator speech:

An elevator speech is a personal introduction of yourself that not only introduce you but also your product, service, or company. An elevator speech should give people you meet a good introduction of you and a desire to know more about what you do.An elevator speech is usually no longer than thirty to sixty second long (you don't want to annoy the person by trapping them into hearing your whole sales pitch!).

To have a truly great elevator speech, you must believe in what you are saying. You cannot be embarrassed to use your elevator speech, but rather you must speak with confidence with a real interest in what you do. If you're not interested, your listener will not be either.

You will want to open your elevator speech with what is referred to as a, "hook".A hook is very much what is sounds like, it is meant to grab your listener in. You want to peak their interest right at the start of your speech so that they want to hear more! A good hook will peak your listeners interest.

After you have hooked them in, and you have shown your true belief and excitement in what your product, service, or company, then there are a few questions you are going to want to answer.

First question: What is it that you are offering through your product, service, or company? Generally when someone is asked what they do they will respond with, "I am a," or, "I work at," leaving the person who asked the question to decide for themselves what that persons job entails. An elevator speech allows you to give the person asking the question the correct impression of what you do.

The second question you are going to need to answer is how does your product differ from all of the other similar products or services on the market?

The third question you will answer is what type of business model you are working in (network marketing, retail, corporate, etc.).

Lastly you will want to answer who you are working for, or who you are representing. Let's put it all together in an example:

Let's pretend you are a cosmetic salesman. If someone was to bump into you and ask what you do one way to respond would be, "I sell cosmetics." The problem then is that person then who is asking the question is going to group you with any past cosmetics sales person they have known, sum up what you do with their previous experience has been, and most likely loose interest. An elevator speech answer to this same question would be,

"I help woman to look and feel confident." That is your hook.

"I carry a line of beauty products that not only helps woman to look better, but to feel better by natural ingredients in my product line." Here you have answered the first question, what you are offering, and the second, how is it different than your competitors.

You then go on, "If people enjoy my products then I also can teach them to do what I do, which is run their own business on their own time." You have then given them your business model.

Lastly, who are you representing, "I am a distributor for."

And there you have your elevator speech. Remember to keep you elevator speech sixty seconds or less, and be sure to first peak your listeners interest. By the end of your speech you should have them curious enough to find out more, and you can then set up an appointment, meeting, or simply sell some product right then and there.

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