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How to use Facebook to build your business

Facebook has become a major marketing tool, for many businesses. If you use Facebook correctly, it can have effective and far reach effects, for your promoting your business. Best of all using Facebook is free!This makes using it, almost an imperative in any marketing plan. However, even though you are stretching your marketing dollars, you need to keep in mind, that your Facebook marketing efforts will still need time and effort, to maintain them.

Business owners need to understand that in order to make Facebook effective, for building your business, there are certain tips that you should be aware of. If you use these tips in your social media networking, it will help you in a cost effective and timely manner, to reach large numbers of potential customers. Another advantage to using Facebook, for business promotion, is that it can often reach customers who may have been overlooked with traditional marketing methods. Here is what you need to know about how to use Facebook to build your business-
- Have multiple Facebook pages-It is important to set up several different Facebook pages. While it is important to understand that any Facebook profile can only have a limit of 5000 friends, there is not limit to the number of fans that can be attracted to nay page. While you can only have one profile, you can set up as many pages as you want. Many business owners have begun by setting up an initial Facebook page and then adding on, as they go. You can literally have a separate page, for everything you offer. Whether you offer products, services or both, you can design each page, to appeal to your potential customer's needs and wants. This can greatly improve the visibility of your company.
- Do not add anything personal-It is important to keep in mind that these pages need to just focus on your business. You are promoting your business, not yourself. You should never add anything that is personal, to your business Facebook pages. You should stay away from any topic that reflects on your personally. The bottom line is that your customers are looking for a professional answer to their needs and wants. If you inject personal information on your business Facebook pages, they simply won't care, or worse yet will be annoyed and move on to another company that appears more professional.
- Work on attracting your customers-It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page, you need to give your followers and fans, a reason to come back and check out your page. You want to make it worth their while to come back and see incentives, new products or other marketing tools, that you using. Recent studies have shown that more and more customers are looking for coupons and discounts on Facebook, before making a purchase. It is important to keep in mind that you must be able to offer your readers something of value, or they will quickly lose interest in your Facebook page and move on. Today's tech savvy customers are quick to see what is of real value on the internet and what is just a sales push. Unless you give your readers a reason to "like" you, there is little chance they will follow you on Facebook.
- Be consistent with your Facebook page(s)-There is nothing that can turn off your customers quicker, then not being consistent with what you post, or not changing your content on a consistent basis. If your Facebook page remains the same, week after week, your readers will most likely get bored and move on. Remember, that once you begin marketing with your Facebook pages, you need to be consistent, and keep your content fresh, new and exciting.

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