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Link Building Guide

The following is a user guide to link building and social media for business building:

Here are the things you ought to consider:
1. Link quality- Links matter, but certain links hold more weight with search engines than others.
2. Link velocity-This is how quickly you get links to your website. Too many too fast can alert search engines to some foul play (buying links).
3. Link anchor text diversity- The amount of diversity is going to play a role in how weighted the link is. Make sure eachpage has anchor texts for natural link building.
4. No follows vs. Do follows- It can hurt your site to only go for do follow links, although no follow seems like it would not help you, it is best if you go for a ration of 80 % do follow 20 % no follow.

When building links, keep the above 4 thoughts in mind, but also remember what types of links you need:

1. Link placement matters. Search engines put less value on sidebars and footer links, and more found within content. Having both is good.

2. Look for great anchor text, but don't forget to use your URL or company name as your anchor text. Branded links are important, but once again, seek balance.

3. Look for links that are relevant to your industry. Relevance is going to give you more credibility with search engines.

When looking to do link building, make sure to check out your competition for links by using tools like Open Site Explorer to gather data and analyze your competition. If you can get your competitors links, that will boost your link profile. Also, look for links your competitors don't have.

Be sure to cover your basis with directory submission, social bookmarking submissions, etc. Look for a few, relevant directories to add to, this will build your natural link profile.

Comment on blogs, and leave your link, but make sure you are not spamming. Comment only on relevant posts, and add value to your comments, so that you can get people to actually follow your links.

Look at article marketing to get links. The idea is to provide quality articles in order to get syndication. You can also submit to directories, which will give you more links.

Consider guest posting. This is where social media can really help you with your link building as it can help you form relationships with people in your industry and provide opportunities for guest posting, and also helps position you are an expert or authority on the subject.

Look for links from the webmasters. Again, the best way to do this is to establish relationships with the webmasters, and social media provides a great option for doing this. It may take time to have enough interaction to get them to not ignore your request for a link.

Work on your link building, and change your strategy as needed.

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