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Marketing Your Business through YouTube

YouTube is the go-to source for almost anything web video related. In the time YouTube has been online, they have received almost 1.8 billion views and have hosted over 45 terabytes of video footage. You can bet that no matter what business you're in, your potential clients will probably go to YouTube first when looking for a video that has to do with your business. If you want to market your business online, this is one website you should not overlook. Here are the first five steps to help you utilize YouTube to market your business online.

Step #1: Create your own YouTube channel and customize it to your business's needs and clientele.
When you sign up for a YouTube account, you automatically create a channel. This helps you to keep all your web videos in one place and manage your online content. You can also customize your channel through the YouTube customization options. When you sign up for your YouTube account, it will ask you what account type you would like.When using YouTube to market your business online, you should most likely choose a "Director" or "Guru" account type as they allow you to set up your custom logo and allows you to link to your business website. Customizing your channel and narrowing the options means you have a greater chance of being noticed in a particular category, thus generating more traffic to your channel and business website.
Step #2: Create short but engaging content.
If you're going to use YouTube to market your business online, you have to create videos to post there. Make sure the videos you post are short (five minutes or less), but are engaging and informative. The most viewed videos online are those that are around five minutes or less. If you have information or content that is longer than five minutes, you should consider breaking it into segments and linking them together in playlists on your channel.
Step #3: Tag and categorize your content.
Once you've filmed and uploaded your content, take some time to tag and categorize it properly. Take some time to see how the most popular videos are tagged and categorized as well as those of your competitors. Don't be shy about using multiple tags as they are what pull your videos up when someone runs a keyword search. Sometimes your content won't fit nicely into one category. If that's the case you'll want to run a search on similar content and see how it's been categorized.
Step #4: Promote yourself.
YouTube is a social network and as such has created ways in which to promote yourself. You can't sit back and just hope your channel will be searched out and viewed, besides which doing so would be a terrible marketing plan. YouTube provides the ability to email other users and create bulletins from your profile to other users' channels. These are both great self-promotion tools that will help increase traffic to your channel and get it noticed.
Step #5: Join or create YouTube groups.
YouTube has a strong community of groups in which like-minded users share and discuss videos. This is a great place to promote your videos, get feedback, and perhaps find more people to subscribe to your channel.If you are having a hard time getting your content viewed, it may be a good idea to join several groups. That can either increase the views you have or your group can tell you what you can do better.

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