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How to create a twitter list

Does your company have a Twitter account? Twitter is one of the hottest social media websites on the planet. From Oprah to Hulk Hogan, it seems that just about every type of person and just about any type of business is involved with this social media giant and is looking to make their mark. Twitter allows you to send out 140 characters to your customers. This message obviously needs to be short and must be able to get to the point quickly in order to get your customers to do something about it. You need to create a good twitter list if you are planning to get any type of value out of the social media site.

A twitter list will help information get out to your customers quickly and will be able to help you effectively market your company. To use the twitter list you will need to create one for yourself. You have followers and then the people that you follow. So to make a list you can choose to see the recent tweets of your followers or just those that are on a twitter list that you have created for them. This is how a lot of people use twitter as they don't really want to read through the tweets of 20,000 different people on their account and just really want to get to the ones that they find valuable and credible. Your job as a marketer is to find a way to get your companies Twitter page on that list for all of your customers.

This comes down to choosing the content you post wisely. You must be able to understand what the customers want to hear from you and then find a way to go about offering it to them. It comes down to really strong marketing along with posting content that is worthy of being retweeted.

When you create a list for your followers and you want to filter messages so that you can get the ones that are actually valuable you need to look into some of the tools that are available for twitter. Many people find that the best tool you can use for setting up a twitter list is called tweetdeck. This isa great way to set up a number of different twitter lists if you don't want to create one with the twitter account itself.

One of the really nice features to the Twitter list is that you do not need to follow someone in order to place them on your twitter list. This is a great option for the company as you can silently follow your competition without them knowing. It can help you to have an edge with twitter as you do know what they are saying and you also use the social media giant for market research to create better marketing messages and programs for your customers.

Create several twitter lists and name them so you know exactly which ones you are working with. Some companies will rank them as it does them to figure out which tweets are going to be priority for your business.

Here is another interesting thing about a twitter list; it can be public or private. This means you can do a little research and grab the twitter list of other people that have influence in your industry. Use the list to your advantage to follow some of these accounts as well and to start sending information out that will captivate their attention and to get them to follow you as it can land your company on their twitter list and boost your credibility.

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