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How to control your business exposure when using social media

If you have decided to use social media networking to build your business, you may think that you need to post everywhere on the web. However, despite the fact that social media network sites have become the new frontier of business promotion, business owners need to be careful about where they promote their business. While you can use social media networking to grow and develop your business, for very little money, too much exposure of your business can do serious damage to it as well. Here is what you need to know about how to control your business exposure when using social media-

- Take your time deciding what social media sites to use-Too often in their excitement to get started using social media networking, businesses begin posting on every site that they see. This is usually not very effective. The reality is that there is not business that can be everything to everyone. You need to take the time to find out where your customers are, in the world of social media, and then position your business, where they are most likely to find you. You want to be sure to choose the social media network sites that will do the most good, for your company. It can be helpful to attend trade shows and other industry related events, to learn what social media sites are most widely used, by businesses in your market. This can help you to organize an online marketing campaign that will make the most effective use of the social media networking sites that you choose to post on.
- Stay current with the changes-Many times businesses gain bad exposure when they don't stay current with the changes within the world of social media networking. You want to stay up to date on what features are being used within your chosen sites, or be aware if you should switch your marketing efforts to somewhere else. Failing to stay current with the changes in social media networking creates an image that you and your business, are not up to date with the tech savvy consumers who are looking for you, and what your business can offer them.
- Post often but not too often-You want to keep your potential customers, in the loop, but you don't want to annoy them. Keep in mind that you need to balance what you are sending, with how often. You need to offer your customers something of value, through every social media networking method that you use, but you shouldn't bombard them with information. If you don't create a sense of anticipation, your customers are likely to devalue your information, and begin to look elsewhere, for another business that they perceive to be of higher value.
- Do not allow negative feedback to get out of control-Businesses that are vigilant about managing their social media profile, can help to control negative feedback, before it gets to large. Responding to your customers negative feedback, questions or concerns, is the right way to control your business exposure on social media. If you become complacent and fail to do this, you may find that social media can do significant damage to your business' reputation.
- Always be professional-The bottom line is that you want your business to be perceived as the expert in your field. You need to make sure that whatever social media networking you are using, you are positioning yourself as the solution, to your customers needs and wants. This way they will begin to see you with creditability and trust, and will come to buy from you. You should be adamant that every posting, of every kind that is done through social media networking sites, is polished and professional looking. Whether you take care of your business' social media profile, or one or more of your employees does, you should insist that the highest standards of professionalism are used.

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