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SEO stuff to remember

ladyoncomputer30349375.jpgSEO is king in the online marketing world, as it is what creates traffic which generates both sales and leads. So, with all of the many words of wisdom, and endless streams of advice on how to do SEO, what are the things you ultimately should remember? Consider the following:

Off-page optimization is hugely important, but taking care of your on page optimization is going to be powerful. If your on page optimization sucks, your off page is put on to a shaky foundation. So, start on your site. Do these five things.

1. Everything you post and write should be keyword optimized, however, keyword stuffing isn't good. Less is more. With keywords you want to think in fives. Once on the title, once on the description, a few times on the page itself, and once in your h1 tags. When using keywords, make sure it is still user friendly, not just search engine algorithm friendly. You need it to be both to get high SERPs.
2. Internal links matter, especially for new pages. Linking is key in SEO, but it is not all back links and off site SEO, if you have some high ranking pages, use them as a crutch or support staff for new pages, and any of your pages that need to build up some strength. Make sure you do not have broken links, and make sure that you create plenty of quality content that directs you to other quality content in order to create a whole big picture.
3. Use redirects, and clean out every now and then. It is important that your information stays relevant. So, if you have off topic pages, get rid of them. You may want to take your pages that are not on target and do a 301 redirect to a different page, ideally your home page, if it is indexed. This way people who go to your off topic pages, as still going to end up on your site, even after you dump the pages. You can do this by buying up similar domain names, and domain names made up of your keywords, then sending people from those domains to your site. Your rankings may drop at first, but in the long run it helps you, and keeps your content fresh and relevant. Just be sure to optimize your content on the new pages, or your redirects will be wasted.
4. Start a blog, and get it in directories. It takes time for this to take effect, but it will branch out to your whole site, and should improve your SEO all around.
5. Use multi-media. SEO is not just about key words or links, it also takes into account variables like video, RSS feeds, hyperlinks, etc. so, make your site interesting with plenty to do and see, and your on site optimization will support any offsite efforts you are making.

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