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Time for a marketing reinvention

folder30394905.jpgDo you feel like your marketing efforts are getting stale? A number of businesses will fall out of touch with their customers and they fail to develop marketing strategies that will peak their interest again. Keeping up with industry trends and the latest marketing efforts is important to the overall success of your business. You need to consider a marketing reinvention if your business to find prospective buyers and to build stronger relationships with your existing ones.

Marketing is commonly thought of as a way to get a sale and make money for your business. Instead of thinking about marketing in this context, start thinking about your marketing efforts as a way to strengthen the image of the company. Start looking at your products in a new light. Focus on the features and benefits they provide to the customers. This is easy to do if you have the right marketing team behind you as they can easily connect with your customers and commit them to a sale.

A big reason why your marketing efforts may be growing stale is due to your lack of commitment to your customers. What are some of their desires? Have you met their desires or are you dealing with customer complaints often? Finding solutions to problems is a big part of reinventing your marketing technique. Remember when McDonalds launched a big campaign to promote the use of white meat in their Chicken Nuggets? They found a concern from their customers and quickly addressed it and turned it into a positive marketing campaign.

Throw out everything you have done in the past and get daring. Don't be afraid to break the "norm" and branch out into some new and exciting marketing opportunities. Here are some different marketing techniques you should try out if you are seeking a marketing reinvention for your business:

Bust out the fish bowl

Why not set a fish bowl on the top of your counter when you host a conference or attend an event. Fish bowls are a fun and unique way to gather business cards for people that can build up your network. Make sure you have some great business cards to pass out to your target audience in order to market yourself when you are at a conference. You still need to have some business cards with you when customers walk in the door. This is a simple marketing tool, especially if you have a great conversation with the customer and you feel a strong connection with them.

Buzz marketing
A number of businesses are turning to buzz marketing to make an impression in their industries. Buzz marketing involves leaking information to your target market or to some people that have strong connections. Once you leak the information to them, they will pass it along to others, which is called creating a buzz. As this happens, the information will spread like wildfire and you will be able to gather a large amount of prospective customers without spending a dime.

Customer Competitions
A number of companies offer small competitions between their customers. These small competitions are used to get people to come into their stores and to provide them with new product information. Having a little competition go on within your organization is a great way to generate interest from your existing customers and new customers. Once your customers are in your store, make sure you have outgoing sales members and other employees that will focus on making their experience one of a kind. Your personality and attitude will have a large role in how your customers perceive your business and it will also impact their loyalty to your company and to your brand.

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