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Site theme and design for SEO

manoncomputer30342716.jpgSEO campaigns can be confusing, especially since there is often conflicting information on the web and in popular theory about how to run the most successful campaign, both at the local and national level. It can be difficult to determine your best choices, but one of the things you want to do is start right on your site. You want your site to have a great theme, and be designed in a way that will be user and search engine friendly. When your site is built right, and you put forth some effort, the rest seems to take care of itself.

Here are some tips:

One of the best things you can do is focus on making your site themed. You will find that you are more likely to hit high on SERPs if you have several pages that have similar theme and that niches. Basically, if you have general pages, they are not going to rank as high as a niche page. So, if you want to rank higher, then build a themed blog with several hundred pages of information on the same topic, and you will get high rankings. Why does making a theme site help? Because it helps establish you as an expert. You get authority on the topic by creating tons of content on the topic.

If you want to increase your SEO, and have a high ranking, your blog should not be an all topic, whatever blog. It should be focused to a specific area. This does not mean you can never address things outside that area. Think of yourself as a surgeon with a specialty. You still know general surgery but you get paid more because you specialize.

Site design is also an important part of getting good rankings. A search engine likes a well designed website that is easy to navigate, that is well coded, that has no broken links, and that is viewable on all major browsers. You should avoid using too much Flash, Frames, Java, and other things that might make indexing your site difficult, complicated, or a long process.

If your site is hard for people to navigate, it won't matter how great your key word optimization, link exchanging, and other aspects are because you will have high exit rates, and your leads will never turn into actual sales and revenue if your pages are not user friendly.

Everyone wants their site to rank well, and the fact is, you can't take short cuts. If you want to have a site worth visiting, and one that is going to make you money and be successful, then you have to start by creating quality content that is themed. Then you have to make everything you post worth posting so that people WANT to link to you, so that people who make it to your site don't instantly flee.

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