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SMS marketing

Although smart phones are taking the mobile marketing by storm, and there are all kinds of new functions and applications, texting is far more popular on mobile devices then browsing and app usage.Texting is the most popular activity on mobile phones. It can be done on a range of phones, and is one of the cheapest ways to use a phone. Thus, when developing a mobile marketing plan, SMS should be one of the top considerations, as more people text then use mobile search. Although the numbers are likely to change as more mobile landing pages are developed, and smart phone technology increases, making it easier to use and navigate mobile search, right now SMS is extremely important as part of a mobile campaign.

SMS marketing can be used for the following:
1. Deal alerts- Mobile marketing is very personal, and unlike traditional marketing, the messages sent during mobile marketing are usually more immediate. You would not send a mobile message about a sale in two weeks, you would send a mobile message about a sale happening now. It is a great tool for deal alerts, as people will get the message immediately (most people carry their mobile devices with them everywhere they go), and can act on it immediately.
2. Event reminders- SMS can be used to remind consumers and potential consumers about events. Again, this should be a more immediate reminder, such as day of or day before, rather than several weeks before. It is best when integrated with other marketing for the event, such as flyers and mailers.
3. CRM to develop relationships- Basically you want to stay relevant and in the mind of the customer. SMS is a great way to do this, and to build relationships with your consumers through interaction.

Why use SMS marketing?
Once the messaging platform is in place, there is no need for further creative development. It is easy, it is fairly inexpensive, and it reaches a wide range of people. The set up process is easy, and beyond that you only have to worry about copyright. This means immediate availability and potential results.

There are a lot of ways to utilize SMS marketing, from dedicated or branded shortcodes to shared shortcodes, contests, ads, surveys and more. Exploring your options can help you develop an approach that best fits your needs. The idea is that it is not a one-dimensional approach to marketing, can be customized to fit your company needs, and integrates well with both traditional and web marketing.

SMS marketing can be a vital part of your marketing mix. It is not something that should be used on its own, but integrates really well with other marketing approaches. SMS can be used to build your list for further communication, and to help you create a great base for your marketing messages to be sent out to.SMS is worth the resources, but should be approached in way that makes sense for your company, and customized to fit your target consumers.

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