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The role of PR in marketing

PR is a piece of the overall scheme of marketing. It plays a huge role in setting the image of your company. The PR department is responsible for handling the good and the bad press of the company. The PR department is responsible for setting and maintaining the overall image of the company. They decide how your company will become successful and how it will look in the marketplace.

PR responsibilities that affect marketing
Any legal issue is handled by the PR department. Marketing and advertising is responsible for spreading the word, however it is the primarily role of the PR department to withhold the image of your company in the market place. PR is responsible for protecting the company, corporation, or organization.

Public Relations must handle the slander, bad-mouthing, and pitfalls a company might encounter in the global and regional marketplace; such as the many recalls of foods or products. Recently there have been disasters for toy companies with lead-based paint. Handling situations like this are the primary role of your PR department.

Companies must have PR campaigns in place to immediately follow the offset of negative media surrounding a threat to the company. These campaigns must be ready to defend the integrity of the company.

Public Relations must increasingly pursue global strategies also with regard to culture of different communities and countries. The marketing department is in charge of doing research on their customers and relaying this information to the PR department. PR must know the language of the countries they are doing business with and make sure their intended message is not translated differently.

Therefore public relations must at all times be aware of culture and language not only globally but also regionally to effectively communicate a good image message.

Advertising is a highly expensive piece of marketing. Having a good PR department helps reduce the advertising costs by setting the image of the company.If a company has lost its good public image through the recall of its best products, what good can advertising do - nothing?

PR and government
Public Relations is not only important in business but in government. Governments need to establish good public relations with other governments. Political campaigners use public relations all the time to further their cause. Obviously, the campaigners with a good PR department usually become the winners. Typically, government campaigns and corporations are non-profit. Having funding for a good marketing strategy and PR department to spread the word is essential.

The government effectively uses public relations to persuade the people. Public relations are the new word in effective communication between countries, governments, and communities.

How PR affects marketing
PR is a huge chunk of your overall marketing strategy. Along with advertising, PR is responsible for how you look in the marketplace. With a bad PR group, certain situations will not be handled properly and it could spell disaster for your company. Be sure to take the time to have your PR team sit down with your marketing team and discuss how you can market to benefit both teams. Come up with some situations and how you think they should be properly handled.

Designate one person on the PR team to be the official spokesman for the department. They will be in charge of facing the media in bad times and good times. Designate 2 or 3 individuals to send out press releases on the good marketing and handling bad PR for the company as well. Just be sure to keep open communication between the departments to keep everyone on the same page. Keeping the PR department ready for any situation will be a great benefit to the overall good of the company.

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