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The three reasons to use social media to build your business

Here are 3 tips for building your business using social media:

1. Spend time to build and nurture relationships
The relationships are currency when it comes to social media. As you build your social equity, your business will build. Thus, you want to use social media to not start blasting out company communication, or to post junk stuff about your day. Rather use it like you would a conversation, to talk to the people you hope to have as an audience, following, or to form relationships with. This means make it a conversation. Ask questions, respond to posts, post things of value.It is social after all, so make sure you include some social aspects, and not make it all about business, but rather forming networks and relationships with those relevant to your business.

2. Provide value.
Your goals should be to only share content and information others find valuable. What you had for breakfast, or are seeing out your window is only worth posting about if that is what the people you are building and nurturing relationships with on the various social media sites want to hear from you. For example, a diet coach may share their breakfast, and their followers will probably love that, but a software engineer may bore their audience with those details. As you get a better feel for your audience, learn to post what interests them. If you aren't sure, then ask. That is one of the beautiful things about social media--it goes both ways. Thus, you can ask what they are looking for, then find ways to provide it.

3. Support the needs of your fans, friends and followers.
When they ask you a question, be sure to respond to it. When you provide information make sure it is information they need. Basically, in addition to providing value, look for ways to use social media to meet their needs. For example, it could be a great resource for them to see new product offerings, or to contact customer service, or to view the profiles of the company leaders, etc. Basically, figure out what their needs are, and take advantage of the unique position social media provides to fulfill those needs.

Social media can be a powerful tool for helping you build your business, or it can be a colossal waste of time. Creating a plan, figuring out who you want to target, what they want from their social media interactions, and creating a goal with specific direction can help make a social media plan worth every ounce of effort, time, money, etc. you throw at it. Consistency and relevancy should be at the forefront of your mind, and always go back to your objectives and make sure whatever you do on social media is helping you to meet those objectives, whether that is understand your consumers better, or provide information to them, etc.

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