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Where Did Your Web Traffic Go?

Having high web traffic helps you to reign at the top of the search engines but it also gives you a great edge with your marketing expenses go. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a high search engine rating and lots of web traffic as it can generate great revenues for the company. Advertisers will be chomping at the bit to provide you with money to place their ads on your site as they know you are getting a lot of exposure from your website and this means they can easily get people to click on their ads and bring traffic to them as well.

The internet is really a big world of links. When you have a number of links feeding into your website and these links are considered quality by the search engines, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking. If you don't have a lot quality links feeding in and you are struggling to keep your name on the first page of the search engines, you can have a hard time keeping the revenues you need for your company to survive.

It can be hard to watch all of your quality traffic and links go from the top of the search engines to the bottom. Why did this happen? Where did your web traffic go? There are many reasons why this may have happened to you. If you started positing too many links back to your website, the search engines may flag you as a spammer. You might also have traffic dips because you are not updating your website often enough or you are not providing quality content to your customers.

The backlinks that you are building need to feed from quality sites not garbage sites. Look into the sites that generate a lot of traffic and find other websites that are respected in your industry. This will help you to add some backlinks to your site that are rewarding and won't hurt your site. When you get quality backlinks, you will get higher website traffic.

Repair your reputation. If you have taken a hit recently due to your bad linking or faulty content that is out there, you need to repair your reputation in a hurry. It is a smart idea to start with YouTube videos and blogs or articles to help you post quality information about your company. Talk about some information that the customers want to hear about and give them a reason to watch the videos or to read the articles. When you are creating your reputation your goal is to keep it positive and to give the customers a reason for following your organization wherever you may go. Post articles on your website and link them to your social media page as well as QUALITY article marketing sites. Watch out for this as there are so many article marketing sites that it can be easy to get hooked up with a bad one. You need one that is respected by the search engines and one that can build your reputation not one that will drag it down.

Fresh website content will help the search engine crawlers. They like to see websites that are able to generate traffic from the content alone. You don't always need to rely on keywords or pay per click to bring in traffic as people will come to you for quality based on your reputation and knowing what to expect when they will come to your site.

Know your customers and why they come to your site. When you are able to understand your audience you will have an easier time marketing to them. Your site will be tailored to their needs and this can keep your website traffic higher.

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