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Tips for using Twitter to market your business

womanwriting19115187.jpgMany businesses are finding that using Twitter has increase the profitability of their business. They can use Twitter to offer discounts, inform followers about new products or services, or for mobile business, even broadcast their next location. However, there are certain tips that help make your Twitter marketing much more effective. Here are a few tips that can improve your marketing effectiveness when you use Twitter-

  • Make sure that your Tweets are saying what you really want them to-It is important to keep in mind that Twitter is a social media that can quickly show up poor writing. This is in large part due to the fact that you only have a character limit of 140, on all Tweets. There are several common mistakes that many businesses fall into when using Twitter. This can include but is not limited to: using techno-abbreviated tweets that cannot be understood, tweets that fail to attract followers, tweets that fail to motivate followers to check out the marketing of your business, or worse yet incomplete Tweets.
  • Make sure that you use good grammar, spelling and syntax-If you want your Tweets to be understood then you need to write them using the commonly understood rules of grammar. Your followers will not take the extra time to try and figure out what you are trying to say. If you want to be followed you must make sure that your Tweets are well put together. Your followers will simply delete any tweets that they feel is a waste of time to read. This means that your Tweets need to be precise, coherent and of real value. One things that can be helpful is to understand that this is process that requires some planning and though. You want to make sure that you have taken the time and done the analysis, to make sure that your Tweet will be effective, each and every time.
  • Make sure that you try and not use abbreviated text-Marketing experts stress that when using Twitter you should try and stay away, from using abbreviations. The reason for this is that it can easily lead to misunderstanding, from your followers, after your message has been read. Keep in mind that because there are a great number of abbreviations that are used online, you cannot be sure how your abbreviated text will be understood, and worse yet it can simply distract, from the message you want to send. If you continue with this type of text, in your Tweets you will most likely alienate a large segment of your potential target market.
  • Make sure that you have a plan-Part of Tweeting should include having a marketing plan, on how you are going to use it. Remember that the instant you send a Tweet it will appear online. This means that you have to be extremely confident that you are sending out the right message. Taking the time to make sure that you are using Twitter, as an effective tool in your overall marketing plan is crucial to using it effectively. Once you have a plan about what messages you will be sending, remember that it is crucial to take a moment and proofread what is being sent out. Remember that not only will your potential target market, be reading your Tweets, but they will probably be shared as well.
  • Make sure that you offer Tweets of value-Too many businesses assume that because Tweets are short, that it really doesn't matter what they say. Your followers will be looking, for you to share information that is of value and is relevant to what they are searching for. If you fail to do this they will quickly lose interest and move on.
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