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How to change your logo effectively without losing your identity

Whether it's to revitalize a struggling business or just to change things up a bit, sometimes a business owner will feel the need to change the company logo. Your logo is what defines you as a company; it's what your customers and the public will associate with your name and product and usually recognize more readily than a name or slogan.

Most companies will change their logo at least once in the company's lifetime. Most often, this occurs in the first few years the business is established. If you are considering changing your logo any time soon, there are a few things you may want to consider first. As a general rule, it is recommended that you change your logo no more than once every 20 or so years, so when you design your logo, make sure it's something you like.

The following are some reasons companies may consider changing their logo:
- Your logo no longer fits your business (ie, you've changed products or the image has become outdated)
- You want to emphasize a new direction the company is taking
- Your original logo no longer works and you can now afford to fix it.

How to change your logo without losing your identity
If you feel that changing your logo is a good direction for your company, the following tips will help you to change your logo without losing your identity:
- Hire a good designer. Find a good designer through recommendations or ask other companies whose logos you like who their designer is. Once you find one, let him or her know exactly what you want to avoid.
- Consider updating. Many times, you can change your logo without redoing it completely by updating it. This is preferable because it's not a complete break from your logo now, so there will still be some recognition.
- Make gradual logo changes over time. If you know you want change your logo, instead of running the risk of alienating customers, consider making small changes to your logo over time, such as different coloring or other subtle changes. That way, an entirely redone logo won't be as much of a shock.
- Avoid anything too trendy. You should steer clear of overly trendy designs, colors, and patterns when you redo your logo, as you don't want a logo you will need to change and update every few years. Instead, choose a clean, simple logo that will be timeless, or that can be updated with minor changes when the occasion calls for it.
- Consider all costs. If you're going to completely redo your logo, consider the fact there will most likely be a number of costs incurred as a result. You will most likely be changing your signage, your stationary, updating your computer files that have your logo, as well as additional marketing costs that may arise.
- Give a heads up. One way to change your logo without losing your identity is to let your clients and customers know beforehand that you will be updating your logo. This way, they will know to expect it. You might even consider giving them a "sneak peak."

Changing your company logo can be an exciting time in your company that indicates forward thinking and mobility. By considering carefully all ramifications of changing your logo, you can do so without losing your identity.

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