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How to recognize good performance

As a leader it is always good to recognize good performance from your team.You should always let your team know that you are seeing their efforts.Not only do you have to conscientiously recognize that your team is doing well but you have to tell your team what you are recognizing.You team will feel much better about themselves and their work if they know they are doing a good job and that they are pleasing their supervisor.You team will strive to always put their best efforts in to get their job done when they know that they are appreciated, that is why it is always good to recognize good performance.Let's go over ways that you can recognize good performance.

The most obvious way that you will recognize good performance is by seeing it.You will need to be very observant.You can watch your team and observe what they are doing.You can pick the people who are putting in the most effort, and the people who are absolutely excelling.You can also observe the work that is being done.If you see that a job has been done efficiently and correctly, then you have recognized good performance.When you see good performance you are observing this information for your self, and you will need to take that information and pass it on by letting your team know you acknowledge their efforts.

If you want to recognize the performance of certain individuals then you can do several different things to do that.You can try the one on one approach.You can take each team member aside and speak with them, evaluate their thought on their performance, ask them how they think they are doing.Once you have evaluated them verbally then you can bring in an activity to demonstrate how well their performance really is.This would be a good way to recognize good performance if you are a teacher of some kind, if you are a math teach you can have math activities to see if your students are understanding their work and if they are understanding their work they are performing well in class.Remember that you will be evaluating to see where they are in their performance levels not pushing them to be somewhere they aren't ready to be.

Remember that when you recognize good performance you must always reward good performance and you can do this is a variety of ways as well.You can tell you team members as a group or individually how well they are doing, and thank them for a good effort.A good sign of appreciation can go along way and will encourage your team to work harder all the time.You can reward you team with gifts or parties , but instead of just giving them set goals for them to make so that they can earn gifts and parties.Give compliments when they are needed, or when you see that someone is doing exceptionally well.A simple "good job, keep up the good work" will brighten anyone's day.

Recognizing good performance is a huge part of being a good leader.Not only will you recognize good performances from your team but your team will recognize good performance from you.Team work is the key to getting things done, recognition goes both ways recognize the efforts of your team and they will recognize your efforts to make them good members of that team.When all efforts are put together then great things can be accomplished.

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