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Cold calling and call back help

cellphone30346706.jpgWhen you are trying to sell your products, cold calling may be one of the best ways to find new customers. Cold calling is not always the most effective way to go about selling your products as a lot of people immediately hang up when they realize you are trying to sell them something. How can you generate a good response to your cold calls and how can you call back people effectively to make a sell? This article will provide you with some basic cold calling tips.

The first thing you need to do is take a couple of deep breaths. It can be a little stressful and nerve-wracking to pick up the phone and call a person that you don't know. The trick to sounding good on the phone is to remain calm at all times and make the conversation flow smoothly. Make it seem like you are just talking to an old friend and this will help you sell your products easier.

Devote time
In order to become successful with cold calling, you need to devote time to it. Make it a priority to set aside an hour or two each day just for cold calling. This is one of the best ways to get into a grove and to get a quick response from your audience. You will find once you start cold calling, the time will pass quickly and you can easily get into a groove and call for nearly 4 hours. Just make sure you are doing nothing but calls during this time to truly devote yourself to selling.

Follow up
Calling back your customers is a little different from cold calling. You know that they are interested in your product or service because they returned your voicemail. The trick to good follow up calls is telling the customer when you plan to call them. When you leave the voice mail, clearly state you will call back tomorrow between 10 and 11. Having a scheduled time block will alert the customer to be around for your follow up call.

If you are returning their call, make sure you mention that you are returning their call and thank them for calling. This will help to remind the customer why they need to talk to you, even if you are trying to sell a new product or service to them. Like the cold calls, devote a specific amount of time to your call backs and do them as soon as possible. Cab backs need to be acted upon quickly if you want to gain a response from your customers and to boost your revenue.

Instead of relying upon phone books and generated cold calling lists all the time, start using referrals to cold call. When you sell a product or service to a customer, ask them for 5-10 names of people they think would be interested in the product as well. This is a great way to generate better contacts and you can use the other customers name when you are calling to say "Jane Doe referred you to our business, she felt you would be interested in such and such." The name of their friend will register in their mind and they will let down their guard that you are just another telemarketer. Sometimes you need to offer your customers something in order to get them to send you a list of referrals. You may find that offering $10 gas cards or gift cards to shopping centers is all it takes to get your referrals. It's a great way to fuel your business and to find people that are actually interested in your products.

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