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Why you need effective communication skills

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgCommunication skills are not as easy to come by as most people think. Just when you think you have mastered them, something can happen that causes you to have a dispute with an employee due to a simple miscommunication. If you find that you are confusing your employees all the time, try out a few of these suggestions to see if it helps:

Get right to the point
Quite often managers like to hear themselves talk too much and it can cause miscommunication to occur because you are beating around the bush. When it comes to assigning tasks and talking to your employees, just get right to the point. If you start talking too much and you beat around the bush, people's minds will start to wander and they won't remember what you say. Be as direct as possible to help remove miscommunication and confusion.

Be kind
When you are a kind and understanding person, it is much easier for your employees to approach you with problems and other things. Just being a nice person will quickly put your employees at ease instead of cause them to feel rubbed the other way. When you are a kind and receptive person, your employees will listen to what you say and they are willing to try out the suggestions you offer.

Remember you depend on others
One of the biggest faults you can make as a manager is to concern yourself with just yourself. You need to recognize that you depend on all of your employees to help you do your job better. When you talk to them and offer constructive criticism, be careful about saying things like "I noticed this" or "you did that wrong". Try to compliment your employees before you offer criticism and end with another positive statement so your employees see that you are not targeting them and that you really do appreciate them.

Be clear
Part of learning to communicate effectively comes down to your ability to be clear with the things you are telling your employees. If you need to sit down and have a talk with your employees about their job performance, be sure to write down a few things so you can reference it when you are talking. This will help you stay focused and you will avoid looking confused.

Learn to understand
As a manager, you need to make the effort to learn how to understand your employees. Listening is a big part of understanding your employees and keeping everyone on the same page. Turn off all the distractions when your employee is talking so they know you are truly interested in what they have to say. Listening doesn't just mean you need to turn off distractions, you also need to watch your non-verbal communication. Nodding your head when they talk is a great way to let them know you are following along. When your employees are talking to you, try to repeat a couple of things they tell you so you can show them that you are following along. You also need to be careful about daydreaming when they are talking as this can cause them to become upset and distant since you aren't really listening to them.

Action words
Since managers often cover the same subject material over and over again, you should try and add a few action words in there once and awhile to inspire your employees to work hard and to enjoy their job. When you use action words, it draws attention and people are likely to listen to you instead of daydream or ignore you when you are talking.

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