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What do you do when your top executives have poor management styles?

womaninoffice32013222.jpgAs most people know, your top executives have a large influence over the way your employees work. What happens when your have poor management skills? It will trickle down to your employees and they will not have a strong devotion to your business and before long your company will fail. When your customers notice the lack of customer service and poor management, they will not have a strong desire to continue supporting your company. Poor managers often have a problem with being selfish. They are concerned with promoting themselves instead of focusing on their employees and the effects their performance can have on their customers. If you have top executive with poor management skills, there are some things you can do to make your company better and to improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Get rid of the "air" of superiority
One of the big problems with your top executives is their power. When people are promoted to higher positions in the company, they often get carried away with power. Your employees will feel the air of superiority and they will not enjoy their jobs as they feel like they are not treated with respect. Talk to your top executives about the way they interact with their employees and give them helpful suggestions that will help to remove the "air" of superiority.

The problem with many top executives is that they ruin their employee's motivation. Employees are used to being talked down to so much that they start to predict rejection from their managers. This causes them to lose confidence in their ability to work hard and to be creative. When you give your employees challenges and encouragement, they will feel appreciated and respected and they will have a stronger desire to please their managers.

Divide your tasks instead of dumping them

A lot of managers make the big mistake of dumping their projects on their employees with strict deadlines. When you dump a project in the laps of your employees, they feel stressed out. The worst thing is that your employees may not meet those deadlines and when you come down on them, the blame game begins. Heated arguments will occur between employees and between managers and employees. Before long your employees will complain that they do not have support from management to complete their projects. The other problem your employees will face is dealing with poor compensation or little or no recognition.

The Toxic environment
Quite often employees will begin feeling a toxic environment when executives have poor management skills. Bullying behavior, rumors, and fears of incompetency will plague the work environment and your employees will hate coming to work. The other thing you may find is that employees are looking for reasons to jump to a different team so they don't have to work with a particular manager. While personalities aren't always going to get along, you cannot remove every employee from their team because they don't like their managers.

Remove the "image"
Poor managers often have a strong devotion to maintaining their reputation. They do not like it when their employees start talking bad about them and they really don't like it when their customers start to think poorly about them. A manager can solve their issues with their image by working on time management. They must understand the importance of being on time to work and to meetings. They must also show their employees that deserve the money they are being paid because of their acute attention to detail.

Goodbye to Micro-managing
One of the worst management styles is a micro-manager. While you need to work hard to be on top of things, you must not allow yourself to become obsessed with every little detail. Give your employees some room to breath and make their own decisions, even if they have to fail to learn how to make the right decisions.

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