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Can a quality circle help your facility?

In order to know if a quality circle will help your company you first need to understand what a quality circle is and then evaluate if it would be good for you and your company. What is a quality circle?

Volunteers make up the quality circle. These employees will volunteer to be on a group that is focused on improving the company by identifying errors and creating solutions for them. You will need to appoint a manager to be over the team of volunteers and to direct them to some of the biggest concerns that the company is observing.

Start with the problems you face now. Addressing the issues that are plaguing the company right now can help with short-term needs but the company really needs to have the quality circle take a look at the issues that are long-term as well. You need to be able to find solutions for the future to stay competitive and to aid in giving confidence to the team that is creating solutions. When people feel respected and more involved in the company, it can increase loyalty. This is a great way to reduce costs since you will not deal with employee turnover that leads to new hires, which take up a lot of time and money.

Looking to the future is always something you want to worry about. With a quality circle you will be able to see people that can improve the company for the long haul. People that volunteer for more work are usually self-motivated. This is a great way to get a chance to see what type of skills they have and what they can really bring to the table. You may be able to find new managers and others that will really help the company to progress based on the type of skill set they have and what they are doing on the volunteer committee.

Think of areas where you have dealt with a quality circle in your life. If you have participated in a study group in school, you are essentially dealing with a quality circle. This is a bunch of volunteers that are working together to solve problems and to gain more understanding and education. You can see how the quality circles can work in just about any environment and will lead in expanding the company if you get people to actively participate in them.

Some companies use volunteers for groups that are dealing with safety needs. This is a wonderful option to make people feel more involved with the company as they are in charge of keeping not only themselves but their co-workers safe. People have the desire to look at the health and well-being of everyone when they are dealing with fire issues and other disasters. Having a committee is a great way to keep everyone safe and to make people feel involved.

For a quality circle to work, it needs to have the support and backing of management. You need to have a person step up to the plate to lead it and to find volunteers. These employees will likely want something in return besides just an extra thing to put on their resume. Make sure you have some type of incentive for them such as using lunch time rewards and other things once and awhile.

Really encourage your employees to do their research and work on the company. You need people that are really engaged in the quality circle and people that actually know what they are talking about. Having a quality circle of employees that have understanding of all the various processes of the company will really make for a stronger committee and one which has valuable solutions to issues that need to be addressed.

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