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Comparing six sigma to TQM


Two of the biggest manufacturing processes that companies have to choose from are six sigma and total quality management or TQM. Both of these processes are designed to improve your products quality by improving your business processes, the processes are also designed to get eliminate any defects that are found in the manufacturing processes you use or in the products themselves. By eliminating any defects in your manufacturing processes and products, you will be improving the quality of your products.

The biggest difference between six sigma and TQM is the approach that the processes use to achieve the results that you are looking for. For example, six sigma requires you to look at one section at a time; it uses a narrow focus to see what if your quality standards need to be improved. TQM does not look at your quality standards to improve them; it looks at your quality standards to ensure that your employees are following the standards. TQM does not change the existing standards that your manufacturing plant uses; it ensures that your employees follow the standards that you already have in place.

Another difference between the two processes is how they go about improving the quality of your products. TQM will help your manufacturing plant improve quality, but with TQM, you will eventually run into a dead end. What this means is that with TQM after so many improvements are made you are going to reach a point where no further improvements can be made.

With six sigma, you are never going to reach a stand still when making improvements at your manufacturing plant. The reason for this is that six sigma is a continuous processes because six sigma is constantly looking at your processes to see if improvements can be made. The reason that six sigma is always looking at your processes to see if improvements can be made is because six sigma does not just focus on fixing and improving your processes at the basic level, it also focuses on taking things to the next level.

Another big difference between the two processes is that six sigma focuses on cutting costs, but TQM doesn't. In fact, it is because of the focus on cutting business costs that six sigma is favored among many businesses over TQM. Six sigma provides a close look at all of your processes, including non-manufacturing processes, which allows you to see where you can cut costs in your processes, such as eliminating a certain step.

When cutting costs, six sigma does not do anything that will hurt the quality of the product, six sigma focuses on getting rid of the unnecessary things or combining two steps to help make things more cost effective. Cutting your operating costs is also a benefit for your customers because the lower your operating costs the lower the price of your product, which is a savings for your customers.

TQM also focuses on improving the quality of the products that your business is producing but the focus is not on cutting costs. If money is saved through TQM, it is because of the fact that your employees are following the standards that you have in place it is an added bonus, but the focus is not on cutting costs or lowering the price of your product.

Six sigma provides your business with a narrow view of your businesses processes because it requires that you look at all of the operations that are involved within a single business processes. This means looking at everything that is related to one simple process, no matter what is involved. While TQM provides you with a broad focus because it looks at every process in your business, even if they are unrelated to each other. TQM focuses on improving the standards that you currently have in place, while six sigma looks at the details involved in the standards and makes improvements to them as needed to tweak the results.

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