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The role of manufacturing engineers

missingpuzzlepiece19378437.jpgManufacturing is a very profitable industry. Manufacturing engineers are paid handsomely for their hard work and the skills they bring to the workplace. There are several different industries to work in and several types of jobs that are available for a manufacturing engineer. Here are some of the different manufacturing systems a manufacturing engineer will work with:

  • Just In Time manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Mass production
  • Fabrication
  • Publication
  • Rapid Manufacturing

A manufacturing engineer will deal with several different processes like the creation of raw goods into finished products. You are responsible for the design of the product and you are also in charge of making sure it is carried out correctly.

Quality control is one of the things most manufacturing engineers work with. Quality control involves the use of control methods to ensure that a product is produced in the way you intend. Each product that is produced by your company must meet a certain level of quality in order to make sure you are providing for the needs of the customers and to make sure you are verifying certain characteristics of each product and each service that is delivered to the customers.

Manufacturing engineers will deal a lot with quality control as they need to make sure each and every product is examined and leaves the business without defects and it is able to meet a certain level of quality. If your company fails to meet this certain level of quality with it's products, it will come right back onto the job of the manufacturing engineers that are in charge of the development of the product and also in charge of the machinery that produces it and sends it out to the customers. Quality control also involves working with individuals as well. The process of dealing with "quality control on humans" is known as behavior-based safety. This program is designed to change the way people think and act in their job situations. For example if you have employees that continue to injure themselves on the job, it may not have anything to do with the equipment. They most likely bend in an awkward position or they are not using proper mechanics. Behavior-based safety allows you to re-teach your employees how to work and what mechanics to avoid. You will also be in charge of writing and implementing new training materials for your employees as one of your job requirements is to keep the workers safe.

Almost every industry relies on their manufacturing engineers to reduce their costs and to generate higher profits. Each person that is hired on as a manufacturing engineer must meet certain qualifications and standards. For starters you must have a B.E., B.S. or B.A. degree in engineering or technology. A Master of Engineering may be required by some industries depending upon the company that you are applying to and the needs that they have.

The most successful manufacturing engineers are able to motivate their staff and they pay attention to detail. Since you are required to have expertise in math, physics, and computer skills, you must work hard to stay up with the latest technology to provide your company with the best service possible. You must take yearly licensing courses to keep up your math skills and other things. It is a challenging industry, but it is highly rewarding to the people that are in it. There are several companies and industries you can work with once you acquire your education from an accredited university. Here are some of the different industries you can work in:

  • Aerospace

  • Computers

  • Electronics

  • Clothing

  • Food processing

  • Toys

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