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The benefits you will receive from Six Sigma and lean manufacturing

formula19179086.jpgManufacturing firms commonly turn to improvement tactics like lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. The combination of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, referred to as lean Six Sigma, allows you to reduce waste and improve your production. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you introduce lean Six Sigma at your firm:

Improved Quality
This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits for a business as your products will not have the number of defects that they may have had in the past. By concentrating on the development and production of the products, you can identify problems in the manufacturing process and work on eliminating these wastes and improving efficiency. When the quality of your products improves you will be able to build a stronger and loyal customer base as they no longer see your company as one that manufacturers defective products.

Reduced Waste

In addition to creating quality products, you also eliminate a lot of waste. Since you are identifying the defects, you can eliminate them before they damage your products and ruin your businesses reputation. Reduced waste means you reduce the number of raw goods that are wasted on production of products.

Cash Flow Improvement
The other thing that you will notice is a big improvement in your cash flow. You can reduce your inventory and make products to order, allowing you to have more cash available for other things. By fixing your amount of waste, you reduce overproduction, which is a common culprit of manufacturing plants. You can now focus on producing smaller production batches, allowing you to save money and clear up some space on your inventory shelves. The great thing about reducing your inventory is the ability to reduce your production costs, which is the key to running a healthy organization.

Safer Working Environment
One of the most important reasons to implement lean Six Sigma is to develop a safe working environment. Implementing lean Six Sigma reduces the amount of clutter you have lying around in your work environment, reducing workplace accidents. Lean Six Sigma is designed around the safety of your workers and your customers. Using Lean Six Sigma employees will have designated areas so they won't need to move around all the time to try and find the products and things they need in order to perform their job. Organization is one of the biggest keys to proper implementation of Lean Six Sigma, allowing your entire organization to flow easily and to allow employees to perform their job duties in a timely manner.

Customer Expectations
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to implement Lean Six Sigma is to satisfy and meet your customer's expectations. When your customers order products and have interactions with your company, they have certain expectations for your company. You need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to live up to those expectations. This is where Lean Six Sigma will help you because you are eliminating the amount of errors your company has along with defects and customer service issues. Implementing Lean Six Sigma also provides you with the ability to react quickly to your customer's needs and demands when market conditions change.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma will put your business on the fast track to success. The entire process provides you with the ability to improve your business and strengthen your business. Reducing accidents and focusing on your customers is essential to stay in business for many years to come. When you implement Lean Six Sigma the entire company will see immediate results. Employees will find that their jobs are organized and they can perform them in an efficient manner, providing you with great customer service expectations.

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