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Producing what the customer wants

architect36832024.jpgWhen it comes to manufacturing, one of your goals is to meet the demands of the customer. Meeting customer demands depends on the efficiency of the equipment you have along with the amount of employees you have to produce these products. In order to meet customer demands, you need to take a look at your prime target and time their needs just right.

Some companies like to produce more products than they need so they can leave them in inventory and ship them out with each order. The problem with this is you don't know when your customers will order the products so you may be left with an influx of products in your inventory. Your best option is to carry a low amount of inventory and produce fresh products for your customers. Try implementing Lean Six Sigma as this will help you produce fresh products and eliminate wastes that are common within manufacturing firms.

As a result of implementing Lean Six Sigma, you will be able to provide your customers with higher quality products and services. When you keep a consistent staff on hand you will be able to adjust your staff when you receive an influx of orders and you can transfer them to other manufacturing lines where you can meet the demands of the customers. This way you won't need to lay off any staff members when your demands from customers are not as high as you simply shift them from line to line to provide for the demands of your customers.

How can you produce what the customer wants? The best way is to do some market research. Your manufacturing plant should task this to the marketing and advertising department as they will be in charge of forming customer relationships and strengthening the products you are selling. The customers play a key role in demanding certain levels of satisfaction with the product, which you are required to meet as a company.

Producing what the customer wants is one of the primary job responsibilities of your engineers. Since they are tasked with the job of product development and creation, they are also tasked with the job of overseeing production of the product. They need to make sure their machines are working properly and that the employees are staying safe while they are manufacturing products.

Gathering information about the customer satisfaction ratings is easy now that social media sites exist and can provide you with the perfect opportunity to interact with your customers. Once you gather the information and you organize it your next job is to focus on improving your products. Implementing a method like lean manufacturing will allow you to meet the demands of the customers. Lean manufacturing gives you the opportunity to reorganize your business in a manner that is easier for your company to function. Each employee will have a functional workspace so they aren't wasting time trying to find products and other things that they need in order to perform their job duties.

The 5 S method is perhaps one of the most functional lean manufacturing processes out there that your business can implement to organize its processes and provide the customers with a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Your customers are your key to creating successful products. Make sure you are not only creating products that they want but that you are creating products that are going to benefit society as a whole. You also need to watch the amount of waste that is incurring at your facility and try to limit it as much as possible to save money and boost production.

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