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ESL training, is it worth paying for?

With how many different companies are hiring people from different ethnic backgrounds, because of their knowledge in science or technical knowledge, it is becoming a problem communicating clearly and confidently in English, for both the employers and the employees. These employees who are having a hard time communicating clearly in English are being prevented from presenting themselves and their ideas effectively because they are most likely not able to express their ideas in clear and technically correct sentences. This can often leave the employees feeling depressed and frustrated because they cannot fully participate in the workplace because they cannot be understood by people in the workplace.

For employers the challenge of having employees that are not fluent in English can be frustrating because it can lead to the pace of production slowing down. The reason that the production would slow down is so that the employers can take the time to explain and possibly re-explain how things are supposed to be done for the people who are just not getting the idea clearly. Another problem that employers face with this is that they have doesn't always get to promote the people that they want to because the people cannot produce as well as others, even if their knowledge base is superb. Another problem with promoting people is that employers prefer to promote people from within the company because it is the most cost effective method and it is more reliable than going outside of the company.

One of the best things that employers can do to help their employees and get around the promoting problem is to incorporate ESL training courses into the company program. Doing this is the first step of being able to increase the pool of suitable candidates that they can promote from within the workplace. Incorporating this type of program into your work place is a good move because many employers have found more success with promoting people after they have taken part in an ESL training program. This holds true for the people that they have promoted to more responsible jobs that include supervisory and management positions. Even if there is no open spots for promotions employers have still found this training helpful because it improves the employees in general, which makes them more promotable in the future. Because the employers can depend on their current employees, after taking the ESL training, this can save them a large amount of money because they will not have to rely on the costly new hires to take the job, which the new hires can also be undependable.

Something else that employers have noticed after employees have taken part in ESL courses is that the employees start to participate in job-specific training. The reason for this is that the ESL courses are important to employees because they help to raise an employees' comfort level, but they also help make the employee more willing to take the risk because they begin to feel empowered. After taking these courses employees are also more likely to be involved in staff meetings and planning sessions because they now have the ability to communicate effectively.

It used to be that employers only offered the ESL training to supervisors, but they are now receiving interest from all level of employees. This is beneficial for companies to offer because it helps them to increase their profits. This is partly due to the reason that the employees feel empowered with their new knowledge and take greater ownership in the company. As your employees gain confidence they will begin producing more, which will end up meaning more profitable results for the company.

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