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How To Design Products Without Mistakes

Are you getting tired of high costs at your manufacturing plant? If you have a lot of higher costs it may be due to the issues with your production line. There are so many little mistakes that can be made that it can completely devastate a company if you are not working on product assembly and focusing on having quality all the time. Poor design leads to poor product quality and it can give you issues with reliability as well.

Start looking and the way your products have been designed in order to determine if you need to make changes and what you need to do in order to prevent serious mistakes for the company. There are some manufacturing systems out there that can provide you with the help that you need for the company to correct the problems at hand. A lot of the programs are derived from lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Poka-Yoke is one of those systems that will be able to help with the product design as you check for mistakes.

With Poka-Yoke the goal is to find the mistakes and then to go about correcting the mistakes that you are having with the company. These little errors here and there can disrupt the manufacturing process but they also increase your costs tremendously. What you will see with the mistake proofing program is an improvement in many aspects of the company. You will be able to have improvement with the design of the products but what you can really see is an improvement of the entire company. You will be able to see that your employees are happier and more productive with their jobs and you have an improvement with the maintenance along with the servicing of your products.

In order to get started with the mistake proofing system you want to consider using the following steps:
1. Consolidation or simplification. This is the process of eliminating the issues that you are having with product design and other things. With this phase you will end up focusing on having each product placed in a new design process so you can evaluate where the issues are at with the company. You can also eliminate the tasks with the company that are deemed unnecessary.
2. Finding replacements for issues with reliability. This is the phase where you are going to add in more people to help out or to find a way to replace the number of jobs and people you have working on the different aspects of product design.
3. Learn how to prevent problems with the company. Your goal in this phase is to make the design of your products better so that you don't have a number of mistakes that arise. It is easy for mistakes to happen all the time if you are not checking on the design of your products and overall manufacturing process. How about prevention of mistakes that your employees are making in the way that they are doing their jobs? This is another thing that you want to work on as you have to do everything that you can to prevent accidents and injuries and many other things.
4. Grouping is the next step you want to take. With grouping you will use color coding and other things that allow you to make the entire manufacturing process streamlined. You will label products and other things to make it easier to locate them when you need them.
5. Fast response. If you want to make a difference with the company you have to work on getting on top of the problems that are happening in a timely manner. The quicker you react, the easier it will be for you to make changes now that can improve the company.

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