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Using Six Sigma In Businesses

There are many different industries that have taken the time to research and implement Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a methodology that helps companies in reducing wastes. Getting your error or defect ratio reduced or completely eliminated is difficult but with the right tools thanks to Six Sigma you can achieve this success. Your overall organization will be able to appreciate having a streamlined system that doesn't deal with typical issues like bottlenecking. With Six Sigma you will be able to set goals for the company and have tools that help you to actually measure the goals. You will also be able to focus on eliminating defects and finding the best way to provide reliable products for your customers.

When you use Six Sigma in the business industry you will likely deal with the 5 S method. The 5 S method is popular as it helps to you to organize your business and to rid the company of wastes by having a new approach to the way in which you work. The 5 S Method consists of the following:
- Sort
- Set in order
- Shine
- Standardize
- Sustain

Using all of these tools you will be able to find ways to finally organize your business and to eliminate the wastes that your company has. Take a look at your desk right now and notice how many things are on your desk that you don't need. With the 5 S method you will "red tag" all the unnecessary items that are on your desk and place them into a bin where they are sorted to determine their usefulness. It also allows you to know where certain tools are at when you do need them. This way you aren't wandering around for hours trying to find something as simple as a stapler. When you have the company properly organized like this, it will reduce a big headache for everyone and really can assist in improving your overall productivity.

How much labor waste do you have? With the 5 S method you can see how much time your employees are wasting. Perhaps they are bored and just do not have enough work to do or they could be dealing with too much work, causing them to miss deadlines and to get behind. You need to be able to understand workloads and to see the way in which your employees work to know if you have the right work balance or not.

In the business world your employees have direct contact with the customers on a daily basis. When you use Six Sigma you can focus on meeting the customers' expectations for the company by setting production goals and ensuring that your production line is always able to meet up with the customer expectations. Automated equipment that is properly maintained will allow for a lower defect ratio as well as meeting the production needs to keep up with your customers demands. This will allow your company to become efficient with it's use of Six Sigma and offering only the best in quality products to your customer base.

As your employees accept lean and really move forward with the new mindset change, you will be able to see their confidence grow. When things are running smoothly, people appreciate their jobs more and they are able to enjoy coming to work and interacting with satisfied customers. This can aid in motivating your staff to push themselves ahead and to increase their overall performance. When this happens, it moves your company that much further ahead in your industry so you have a larger market presence!

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