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What is required to become a six sigma green belt?

This article will address the following question: what is required to become a six sigma green belt?This is an important question for anyone to ask who is interested in becoming qualified to make use of six sigma techniques and approaches to quality management and quality improvement.

Within the six sigma program, there are different levels of certification and training.Yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt.Generally speaking, green belt certification is for employees who make use of six sigma, but are not quality process managers.Six sigma is an important skill for any employee to have when they are working in a corporation that uses six sigma so that they will be able to understand the way that the company is working and the company's mindset when it comes to quality control and management

So what is required to become a six sigma green belt?Well, to start off, you can get certification training to become a six sigma green belt through any number of organizations and universities.But what is a six sigma green belt required to know in order to be considered a green belt?Six sigma green belt certification programs require the following.First of all, the certification program requires that those enrolled in a green belt program receive an overview of six sigma.Included in this training is a review of the key concepts of six sigma that are associated with making a project team effective.This is basically a subset of the black belt curriculum which is more thorough and comprehensive.
As a Green Belt, you will be taught the following techniques and tools:
1.You will be trained in a methodology that is specifically structured to solve problems that involve improving business projects.
2.You will also be taught intermediate level quality control and improvement tools that are within the problem solving methodology.
3.The final element that you will be trained in is how you can generate bottom-line financial improvements and results.
The green belt certification process centers around the DMAIC process for product improvement.Along with DMAIC centered training, green belts will also be instructed in intermediate grade statistical tools and graphical tools that are associated with the DMAIC model. DMAIC stands for Define (define the problem and the process), Measure (the data and the process itself), Analyze (the data that you have collected from all of the different departments), Improve (the processes based on the data that you have collected), and Control (continue to control and maintain the newly improved processes).
So why should you go through six sigma green belt certification?Well, if you are certified as a green belt, this means that not only have you gone through six sigma certification training, but you also have completed projects that require that you know how to implement and how to work through real life situations using six sigma tools and techniques. As a green belt, you will be mentored by black belts, who are mentored by master black belts, who are mentored by grandmaster black belts.As a green belt, you have a different business definition than simply a part time black belt.You are in charge of using specific tools that are geared towards your situation and your role within the company organization so that you can more effectively improve the processes that you are involved in-whether they are financial, manufacturing, human resources, or anything else.Green belt certification is a value tool that is important not only for the well being of your company, but also for your own personal development as a marketable technician.Green belts will be equipped with the statistical and the analysis tools that are an integral part of six sigma management and quality control and improvement.

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