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What to look for when outsourcing your manufacturing

If you are looking for a company to help with outsourcing your manufacturing, there are a lot of things that you want to consider.Your company image and the quality of your products will partially be in the hands of this manufacturer, and you will want to make sure that everything is done up to your company's quality standards!In addition, you will want to find a company that is easy for you to work with, and one that can meet the demands and requirements of your outsourced work.Here are a couple of things to look for when outsourcing your manufacturing:

1) What kind of experience do they have in the manufacturing industry?Look at the resume and product history of the manufacturing company:Does this manufacturing company have a good history with working for other companies?You will not want to outsource your work to a manufacturing company that has a bad reputation!This could end up being disastrous for your own company's image!Ask to see a type of resume or contact list of different companies who have already hired this manufacturer for outsourced work.Even if they do have an extensive list of experience, it is a good idea to go one step further and contact some of these companies yourself.Find all that you can about their experience of working with this manufacturing company.

2) Have they created products similar to what you need?In addition to merely looking at who these manufacturers have worked for, you should also look at the manufacturing work and examples of things that they created for other companies.You could ask your potential outsource-manufacturer if you could see a portfolio or physical examples of some things that they have already done.Especially pay interest to companies and products created that are similar to the things that you will need in your outsourced work.If they have experience with things that you will need to have done, they might be a good candidate to fulfill your manufacturing needs!In addition, while doing a background check and finding out about the history

3) Are they timely in their production?Do they meet their deadlines?While you are doing a background check and finding out about the clients and history of your potential manufacturer, you should also consider if these people are timely in their work.You don't want to have your company get a bad name and reputation because your manufacturer isn't getting you the supplies you need on time!You could contact previous or current clients of the manufacturer to see if they are timely in their work.Or, you could also ask the manufacturing company directly if they have a timeline or list which shows when their outsourced work was both contracted and completed.

4) What is their assemblage capacity?If you need a lot of things which are assembled, you also might want to look into their assemblage capacity.You want your work done for you in a quick and efficient manner, and you want to make sure that the manufacturer that you hire can keep up with your needs.If assembling things is a concern for your needs, it is a good idea to look into outsourcing your work to a company who can assemble things quickly.For example, Outsource Manufacturing, Inc. is a San Diego based company which boasts that they have a good SMT assembly capacity which allows them to meet high volume requirements!Make sure that you take the volume and assemblage requirements of your product into consideration to help you find the best manufacturer to outsource for your work!

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