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Which Lean Tools Are The Best?

Are you using lean manufacturing in your plant? There are several lean tools that you need to use in order to offer higher quality products and services to your customers. Your manufacturing system will need to be properly streamlined in order to give you the right type of results and to provide employees with new ways in which they can perform their job duties. For lean to work properly you need to understand which lean tools you need to start using. There are a handful of lean tools that you can choose from, all of which can give you great results if you will focus on proper implementation of the tools. Helping your employees to be able to understand how lean works and which lean tools to use will make a big difference in the ability for lean to be successful. Lean is not something that every organization can use with the right results. You must be able to determine which tools will work and to get your employees to believe in lean. As long as your entire company believes in lean and you are able to get the complete mindset change, you will have an easy time implementing and maintaining lean within your organization. Here are some of the lean tools that you need to consider using:

- 5 S Method. This is one of the most popular lean manufacturing methods. The 5 S method will assist in being able to help your organization to be properly organized so you don't end up with wasted time. Employees will have more confidence in their ability to do their jobs and many of them will be able to increase their productivity levels as they aren't wasting as much time wandering around trying to find the items and things that they need to do their jobs. The 5 S Method is a great way to really jump start lean manufacturing at your facility if you want to see results from the program and to show your employees that it can work. Unlike many of the other methods, the 5 S method is one that does start delivering results almost immediately. This is a beneficial thing to look forward to if you are concerned that your employees may not stay motivated to stick with lean.Like all the lean tools, the 5 S method is a process so you do need to work on having long-term results with the program. Make sure that your employees know that this is a new change and it will remain so they need to participate in the program to continue working with your organization.
- Gemba. With gemba you will have managers and others that are appointed to take a look at the shop floor. The goal is to identify issues with bottlenecking along with finding out where and why you are struggling with production. Having first-hand observation as to the way in which your employees work and looking at the equipment to see what type of issues are at hand will allow you to make proper adjustments. Making such adjustments will reduce waste and will be able to provide your organization with the best possible scenario in increasing production and eliminating waste.
- Heijunka. This lean tool will be able to provide you with proper scheduling of your machinery production. You will be able to have the same level of production but you can find a way to be able to add in some smaller batches so that you can have product variants. This way you can deal with custom orders and other things. Heijunka is an effective way to reduce your lead times and to rid high levels of inventory.

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