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Are You Treating Your Customers Poorly?

Do you have customers that are truly happy with your company? Do you find that people often talk positively about your company or are you treating your customers poorly that they end up talking bad about your company and end up blogging negative things and spreading the word to avoid your company? Customer service is actually a form of marketing and many companies do not recognize this. Customer service is essential as people can spread the word about your company, which can do tons for your marketing abilities. You also want higher quality customer service as it will be able to aid in strengthening the reputation you are trying to build for your company. When people are able to see that you really treat your customers well and you go above and beyond to make your customers happy, it will generate new leads for the business.

Product Guarantees
A great way to show your customers that you care about them is by giving them product guarantees. This shows them that you feel like you have a great product and you are willing to stand behind it and to support it. A product guarantee will allow the customer to invest money without feeling like it is a big risk. Sure this puts the risk back on your company but as long as you are 100% sure of the quality products you produce, you shouldn't need to worry too much about losing money on guarantees.

Existing Customer Marketing
How often do you send out discounts and great promotions to your existing customers? You need to look at the core group of customers that you have and to be able to see how hard they work at keeping your company in business. Reward the customers that are loyal to your company and really do support your company. When you offer them discounts and other things, it will aid in making them feel special but it really does show them that you do notice them and that you are invested in their continued service. Thank-you promotions are commonly used to show your existing customers that you are grateful for their continued service.

Follow-up Letter
When you have a new customer, send out a follow-up letter or even a phone call to them to find out what they thought about your company and the service they received. You need to try and show them that you are concerned over their service and that you want to make each experience pleasurable and memorable for them. Following up soon after a sale is a great way to gather great information from them that you can implement quickly.

Pleasant Interactions
If you want to improve customer service, you have to make each customer feel special and important when they come into your store. You need to focus on training your employees on how to interact with all different types of personalities and to help them focus their efforts on making the customers feel special and important when they do business with you. Check up on the customers when they come into the store and find out if you can help them. Before they leave, thank them for coming into your store and leaving them with a positive experience.

Do all that you can to really focus on helping your customers to feel important and special to your organization. When people are treated with respect and you try to remember their names or at least the last time they came into your store, it will make an impression to them. All it takes is learning how to talk to people and making sure they are happy!

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