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Capturing the attention of your customers


To get your customers to pay attention to your company, take a look at what your competitors are doing and where your target audience is at. Take a look at how you can improve upon the way your competitors do their business so you can serve their needs better.

One of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience is to start using video series to boost your credibility. Let people know about certain things that pertain to your business so your customers know that you are the expert in the industry. This will give you a big advantage over your competitors as people will start turning to your company for advice. Videos are nice to use because they can be easily forwarded to other emails and web sites, allowing your customers to spread your message through word-of-mouth marketing.

Get on some of the same web sites your customers are on to gain their attention. Use blogs to attract more attention from your customers. Get on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites to attract their attention. One of the benefits on getting on these sites is that it allows customers the opportunity to get to know your company. Instead of marketing on these types of sites, you will work on building relationships with them instead.

Other ways to attract attention from your customers is to send out email newsletters. If you can use engaging titles, your customers will respond to them and it's a great way to get people talking about your business. The newsletter should be informative, but it should also produce a "wow" factor that makes the customer either impressed with what you have to say, or they are amused with what you have to say.

The ads you send out to the online world must capture your audience attention by giving them something to talk about. Not every ad you design needs to be as funny and entertaining as the Super Bowl ads, but they at least need to get your customers talking about your company and spreading the word to their network.

Another great way to gain your customers attention is to use surveys. Telephone surveys are a great way to work on building your relationships with your customers, but they aren't always the best way to conduct a survey because they do take up a lot of time. Instead use online surveys, this way you can quickly email the link to your customers. It's also a great way to gain a larger web site audience and you can post the link on other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most online social media sites actually have applications you can use to design your own survey and send it out to your customers.

Don't forget to engage in traditional forms of marketing to gain the attention of your customers.

Use things like postcard mailers to gain their attention or mail a catalog or brochure.

Customers will respond to mailers if they have action words and exciting content.

Try offering a sale to your existing customers as a way to show them your appreciation and to quickly boost your revenue. Sales are an easy way to gain attention, especially if you install a sense of urgency. Use phrases like "sale ends soon" or "your products or services will expire".

If people know they only have a limited time to purchase what they need, they are likely to respond sooner.

A great way to gain more attention is to try partnering with other companies to promote your products or services. This is a simple way to add credibility to your company and it will exposure your company to a new audience.

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