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Convenience and pricing

One thing almost everyone has in common, rich, poor, young old, male, female, is that running short on time causes stress, and happens all too frequently. Time is one thing you can never get more of than you have, and thus, everyone wants to make their use of time more efficient. One of the best things you can offer your customers is time, and you do this by providing them with products and services that are convenient, or address a time concern in their life. If you can combine convenience with a low price, you can gain a loyal consumer base.

Push the convenience. When you are marketing, one of the best ways to appeal to customers and grab their attention is to focus on the thing they really want-more time. Push convenience in your conversations and marketing messages. Customers need to know how your product or service is going to improve their life, be more convenient and time efficient then what they are already using, and that in addition to being convenient, it comes at an affordable price. Push the convenience, push the price, and you will gain customers.

Add in something that surprises or delights the consumer. Convenience and pricing are key to grabbing the attention of a consumer, but you can do more to keep that attention, and spread yourself a little further. This is adding in something extra, beyond that price and convenience. For example, consider adding in a cause, it is not only convenient and affordable, but it helps the environment (or at least does not hurt it). If you can surprise and delight the customers as well as make their lives easier and more affordable, you will have them hooked. Of course, how you do this will depend a great deal on what kind of product or service you have to offer. Consider your options, and think about what your customers want and need, and try to provide them with that.

Make sure the pricing does not detract from the convenience. Remember, the killer combination for marketing a product and appealing to customers is convenience AND pricing. Saving your customers time is the first step, but it has to come at a value. Sure it is nice to have your fruit precut, but not if you are paying double for it. Most people would rather pay less and do the work themselves if the price is not right. Thus, you have to make sure that your pricing does not detract from the convenience of the product. People have to feel like they are getting a great value, and they only feel that way when they can balance the time savings against the extra expense. Your goal should be to make it so the pricing is attractive on its own, and when you add in the convenience factor, it is a no-brainer. That is how you succeed.

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