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Location-based video networks

manpullingofftie10054185.jpgLooking for a new way to market to your customers? Have you tried using video networks to get in touch with them? Blogs and other social media sources thrive on videos as it's one of the best ways to talk about your company and what you have to offer to your customers. What are some of the options you have for video marketing?

Have you been to a gas station or a bank lately? Many of the new locations out there have small video screens installed for customers to watch something while they are waiting. You can create a short ad and send it out to these location-based video networks to market to a whole new audience. These screens are becoming more popular and are starting to grow in demand with just about every industry so it's a great marketing opportunity for your business to tap into.

Get in contact with the specialized networks that are currently carrying out the feed for the location-based video networks. This is the only way you can buy advertising space for the video network. While a number of companies like the idea of location-based video networks how can you be sure that your customers will actually see the ads? If you have a large niche market, this is a great option but smaller niche markets won't always see success with location-based video networking.

Since there are other opportunities for you to create videos or ads to send out, look into the cost and reward of both. Which one will help you get in touch with your customers? Viral interaction is the new way to market and if you are good at it, you won't have a hard time getting your message out to your customers. Even sending out something as simple as a text message will help you get in touch with your niche market. Companies like Redbox are using text messages to send out promotional codes to their repeat customers to offer them a free rental. This is a great way to use all the media options that are available to your business.

Viral videos are quite popular as they are easy to pass along. A number of companies pay millions of dollars to have viral videos created for their organizations as these videos are released to the online world and if they are a "hit" they will be viewed millions of times and passed along to millions of people. Viral videos are usually short commercials that are entertaining or engaging and captive to your audience.

Another video option a number of companies are using are educational videos. These videos are often posted on their blog along with sites like to help teach their customers something and to set themselves apart in their particular industry. It's a great way to generate more online attention for your company and to ass another link back to your website where you will be able to build a higher online PageRank status for your company.

Videos are a simple way to engage your customers and to get their feedback in a hurry. It's also a great way to build your reputation as you can add your own personal touch to the video. Some companies are even making more money off the ads because they are selling advertising space within the video, which helps you make plenty of money to pay for your entire marketing expenses for the year.

Social networking is a great way to get in touch with your customers and it's a wonderful medium to share your videos with your customers so you can start building your reputation.

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