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Marketing ideas for retailers

graphpresentation16486405.jpgRetailers face a unique set of marketing challenges. Because they make contact everyday with their customers, and face an ever changing market, they must constantly be looking for ways to market their business, and stand out among a sea of competitors. Interestingly, every retailer faces this type of challenge regardless of their size. Whether you are a small mom and pop store, or a large chain retailer, you must be able to position your company, so that your customers keep returning to purchase from you. Savvy retailers understand that customers are fickle, and will keep their marketing approach fresh and new. Here are some marketing ideas for retailers-

  • Create a useful item for your customers-You want to be able to offer your customers marketing items that they will use. This way they will keep your name and business, in the forefront of their mind. For example: You could create a calendar for customers with your shop's name and address on it. You can also distribute specialty products such as pens, mouse pads, or mugs with your store's logo.
  • Make sure that your business cards are being used effectively-You can print the products you sell or the services you offer on the back of your business cards. You should always carry business cards with you. Make sure to give them freely, and ask permission to leave them in places your target market may visit.
  • Join a trade association or organization related to your industry-This will give your business the power of collective resources, for advertising, marketing and purchasing. In addition, this allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in retailing. Join a Chamber of Commerce where you can network with area business owners.
  • Don't overlook the benefits of a give-away-You can have a drawing for a product, or a gift certificate. You can then use the entry forms to collect customers' mailing addresses.
  • Offer printed material to your customers-Do not assume that what you have in your store or at your site is enough. Develop a brochure of services your business offers, to allow clients to have a concrete reason to purchase from you. You can also include customer testimonials in your printed literature.
  • Offer your knowledge for free-Everyone likes to get something for free, even if it is just expertise. You can conduct monthly clinics about a product or service you offer, or schedule semi-annual seminars, on related "how-to" information for your industry.
  • Utilize all of your business documents for marketing-You can print a tagline for your business on letterhead, fax cover sheets, e-mails and invoices. Make sure that every piece of paper that leaves your business reflects what you do, and what you can offer your customers.
  • Don't assume a physical location is enough-Even a physical store needs a website. In today's competitive market you must develop a website to showcase your products, services and location. Be sure to use a memorable URL and include it on all marketing materials.
  • Get yourself noticed-You can promote yourself as an expert, by writing articles or tips on topics that are related to your industry. You can then submit to the local newspaper, trade journal or other publications.
  • Don't underestimate the power of special events-There are a variety of ways that you can draw potential clients to your business. This includes but is not limited to: hosting an after-hours gathering for your employees and their friends/relatives, hold an open house, and invite prominent city officials and the press.
  • Use your employees to help you market-You can do this easily by providing free t-shirts with your logo to your staff to wear.
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