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Mistakes to avoid when using a business blog

Many different types of business have begun using a blog. There is no denying that a business blog can be a highly effective marketing tool. However, the success of your blog is highly dependant on several different factors. Marketing experts stress that there are common mistakes that can quickly destroy the efficacy of your blog when used as a marketing tool. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial to making sure that your blog works as part of your overall marketing plan. Here are the mistakes to avoid when using a business blog-

- Constantly changing topics-It is important to keep in mind at all times that you are using your business blog to position your business as the expert in your industry. Anything that detracts from this should be avoided. If you want to keep your readers coming back you need to make sure that you are sticking to the subject of your blog. Remember, that they are there to read about what you can offer them in terms of information. If your readers are not getting the information that they want they will quickly move on to someone else who will give them that. You should not offer tips one day, rant the next day, and then include information that has nothing to do with the subject of your blog on the third day. That's what personal blogs are for. There are some guidelines for successful blog posting which include but are not limited to: don't post opinions, don't post personal information (no one cares about what you are wearing), and do not post about religion, politics or sex (unless that is the subject of your business blog).
- Not having your domain name-The bottom line is that having your own domain name will be integral as to whether or not your business blog is successful. Marketing experts stress that having your own domain name offers your business blog some legitimacy. Keep in mind that getting your domain name is a fairly small expense that can pay off big with the credibility that it gives to your business blog.
- Not thinking about graphic design-The bottom line is that if you want your readers to take your business blog seriously then it will need to look professional. Graphic design can do just that. If your business blog looks unprofessional or badly put together it will be much harder to get your readers to take you seriously. This means that the effectiveness of using your business blog as a marketing tool will be seriously reduced. While graphic design can be pricey if you are careful about what you choose you can still set up your business blog in a fairly cost effective manner. Many times a technology minded family member, friend, or even employee can set up a business blog that looks highly professional. If this is not an option consider hiring a graphic designer. Using a professional looking business blog can quickly give you the money to recoup the cost.
- Not using the right email subscription-This is an important factor since the satisfaction of your readers will be directly connected to what email subscription program that you use with your business blog. Keep in mind that if you post several times a week and your email subscription sends out an email for every post your readers may become dissatisfied and unsubscribe so they don't feel like they are being bombarded with messages. You need to look for an email subscription that doesn't send notification unless you want them to.
- Not being consistent-The fastest way to lose readers is to ignore your business blog. If you are not consistent with posting new content your readers will quickly get tired of waiting for you and move on to another business blog.

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