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PR and social media

Every business needs to have a PR department in order to help them protect their image. It is used in order to market to the media and to gain public awareness about the company. What happens when you have a defective product or you end up in the middle of a controversy? PR is the department that will handle this crisis and they will be responsible for helping to restore the image of the company and getting your customers back.

Using social media is a great way to help you restore your companies image and to respond to public outcry and bad media coverage. With social media you get a chance to interact directly with the customers and you can share your side of the story with them along with keeping them informed with quality information. Social media helps you to focus on the customer and to show them that you are interested in their needs. Instead of using the press to tell them what happened and what you are going to do, you will tell them directly. When the customers can hear it right from your mouth it will make it much easier for them to become loyal to your company and to appreciate what you are doing.

PR is responsible for sending out controlled messages to your customers. What does this mean exactly? Controlled messages are sent out to your audience in order to clarify something and to fix a problem. The goal is to create a strong message about the positive aspects of the company. With social media, PR can excel as you know exactly who the messages are going out to. You will have a targeted message, which will make it easier for the message to be clear and won't get confused by going through the outlets of social media, which may confuse the message in some way. The people on your social media pages are targeted and they want to hear from you.

Customers that have a concern typically contact the company first. They want to hear directly from you and this means they will go to your website or will hit up your social media page to learn the information they need. This is why it is so important for you to create a presence online where you can provide them with the information that they want.

One other social media site that you have to consider using is LinkedIn. This is a site where you can interact with other professionals and you have a chance to explain your company's point of view to them. You can also listen to others on this social media site to gather tips along with updates to understand how you can get your information out there to your customers and to fix your reputation.

A blog is a key component of a great marketing message. You need to use your blog to send out information to your customers and to clarify things such as where you can return a product or something else. Your blog is completely controlled by you and it does provide a great opportunity for you to make your message clear to your customers and to clarify yourself to the media as well. Communicating a controlled message is a big part of PR so you need to focus on using it correctly with all the various social media realms that are out there.

Having two-way conversation with your customers does make it a lot easier for you to build better relationships with them and to really use all of the resources that are available. This makes it easier for your customers to establish trust with your company again.

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