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Quality posts with high rankings

laptops30842603.jpgWith more and more focus being pushed towards getting rankings, we see a decline in the quality of posts. Instead of worrying about the search engines, write high quality posts, and the rankings will follow naturally.

While there are many tactics to getting search engine traffic, as part of your marketing campaign, you should make a concerted effort to ensure that while you are writing, you do not compromise the quality of your posts in order to get SEO.

What is the problem with writing content that ranks high on search engines? Nothing, unless in doing so you write content that is unreadable for real people. It might be chock full of key words, and other things that get Google and other search engine's attention, but if it is unreadable, you may find you start to alienate your readership. Here are a few tips for how to have the best of both worlds-high quality posts, and high rankings:

1. Choose a theme. When you write about something you know, quality tends to follow. When you choose a subject and then consistently write fresh content about it, you become well versed in it, and as a result, quality improves. The problem with many blogs today is that they bounce around topics, and thus never really accomplish what most readers (who later become buyers) want. They never give the deeper information that they are searching for. People who read a blog about manufacturing want in depth information on things like six sigma, lean tactics, etc. So, a superficial article will not benefit them. For quality posts with high rankings, choose a theme, and pick some key words that fall under that theme to optimize in each of your posts.

2. Know the basic principles of SEO so you can incorporate them into your writing. If you know the basics, you will find that you more naturally write in a way that is going to help you with search engines. This is a fantastic skill because it means that even if you don't have a lot of time, and just throw something together, it has the potential to be a great post that gets you lots of search engine traffic.

3. If you find that you are really struggling to keep your quality where it should be, and posts readable, while maximizing the potential for rankings, use third party programs or plugins that will help you improve your writing for search rankings.A great example of a program that does this is Scribe. It is a plugin for WordPress, and what it does is after you write a post, it analyzes it and reports back on the WordPress dashboard what you could do to improve rankings. This is awesome because it is taking readable quality content, and giving you clues on how to tweak it to make it search engine friendly as well.

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