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Quantifying your social media personality's ROE

You have set up a social media campaign, and are hoping that it is building your business. You post witty and valuable content, you try to engage your audience and interact with them. But, how are you doing? When it comes to using social media to build your business it is all about the ROE, or return on engagement. In other words, how well is your social media personality working? Are you taking advantages of opportunities? The following are some tips for getting the answers to these questions; they are ways to quantify your social media presence and engagement:

1. Track incoming traffic from links- It is really easy to track traffic coming from links, you just have to use unique codes in those links so that you know if they came from your Twitter account, Facebook account, etc. When creating links, be sure to imbed these in the code. If you aren't sure how, pay a tracking service to do it for you.

2. Number of people subscribed to RSS feeds- Another way to judge your ROE is to look at your RSS feeds. How many people are subscribed? The larger the number or percentage, the more indication of your social media personality being one that works.

3. Number of people in social media groups, fan pages, etc- Do you have a large following? While just having a large following is not enough (they should be active followers), it is a good starting point for judging your ROE. The larger your group, the more credibility you will have.

4. Trackbacks or linkbacks to posts- Again use analytics to keep track of trackbacks and linkbacks to posts. Google analytics is a great place to start, but there are many tracking tools you can use to measure your success with using social media.

5. Track tools- We have already discussed some tracking tools, but using conversation tracking tools like Twitter Search, as well as other free or fee-based monitoring tools can give you great insight into the value or lack of value to your social media personality. If you are not being retweeted, listed, mentioned, etc. then you may not be doing your job right.


7. Increased sales and general inquiries- If you use tracking tools you will be able to see if an increase in sales and inquiries can be attributed to your social media efforts. Use the tools available to you so that you can get data and interpret it to determine what you can tweak to have a more successful social media campaign.

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