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Social bookmarking for business building

Social bookmarking requires very little maintenance and can serve a purpose. If you want to use social bookmarking as part of your business building plan, here is what you should know:

1. Social bookmarking can help you build some links to your own site. It is easy to do, and while they are not the highest ranking links, meaning they won't hold as much value as other links, they are still valuable. Also, because they are easy, it would be unwise to not take advantage of this for improving your search engine rankings. The repetition of these links is something that search engines like. This means that every time you post you want to bookmark it. You want to bookmark each page on your site. You want to bookmark every action you take, and be sure to fill out the review and description area on the bookmarking site (Delicious is a good example).

2. It is going to help you build your business because the bookmarks are public, and so are other people's, unless et to private. This means that you can find other people saving similar sites, and network with them. Form relationships, look at what tags they are using to categorize sites, and the kinds of notes they are leaving. You can use the sites they bookmark to search for other people and sites.

Secondly, these bookmarks are public (unless you set them as private), so you can network with other people who are saving similar sites. Browse around and see what tags others are using to categorize sites, see what their notes are on different pages. Search their links to discover connections to other people and sites. Again, the idea is to gain as much information as possible, then apply it to your own site, pages, and posts to create stuff that people want to link to.

Third, social bookmarking can be an effective means of doing some market research. It provides you with an easy way to search by tag and by trending topics to see who is linking to what and how often. It will help you see how many times specific sites have been bookmarked, and you can take some cues from them. You can even see how many times your URL has book bookmarked, by whom, what notes they used, and how they tagged it. Looking at who bookmarked you, and how they tagged and noted your pages will give you insight into who your audience is, and what they find important. This can help you create more effective marketing, and help you better understand your consumers and their needs.

A great social bookmarking option is Delicious. It is easy to use, and will help you get on your way to using social bookmarking as a business building tool. There are other options as well, so choose the one you like best.

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