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Target Marketing Strategies That Work

How can you find your target market in the right manner? You need to employ a number of different marketing strategies that will be able to help you find out who your customers are so you can send them mailing pieces and other things that will inform them about your company. Every business has a target market but it is important to define the market so you do send out marketing materials that are beneficial to them.

With target marketing you will need to divide the audience you have into several different sectors. You need to find out what type of things your customers are attracted to. There are certain things that make the target market defined into smaller categories including the following:
- Product
- Price
- Promotion
- Placement
As you are able to define all of the different aspects of your target market you will be able to know where you want to spend your time marketing to them. Some of them will respond when you send out ads that pertain to lower prices where others will respond when you promote the product in a different way.

Marketing to a specific sector can boost your profits tremendously and many companies find that you can easily build your company around some of the smaller niche markets. Look into the various aspects that your niche market deems important. It is a good idea to use customer service surveys as they can help you to learn more about the customer's needs and what they want to see from you. What attributes of the product do they deem valuable? Can you add some products together as a package to promote to them? This is a great way to help motivate your customers to buy your products.

Age is a big part of marketing. Customers with different ages will end up buying products at different times and have different income needs as well. When you do some customer surveys you will be able to learn about your customers and to find out how you can help to market to them based on age as well as income status.

Location is another aspect of target marketing. Find out where your customers are and focus your efforts on marketing to them with a variety of things. You will want to use things like billboards in addition to direct mail campaigns and other things to promote the company in a geographic location.

As you are focused on target marketing strategies, here are some techniques that do work effectively:
- Selective marketing - this is when you will send out marketing pieces to your different marketing segments. Usually you will have 3 segments and each one will have a different marketing program used to reach out to them. You need to be "selective" in the marketing materials that you send out and to ensure that your customers are responding to the marketing programs.
- Product marketing - this is when you create a product that is custom to your market. You will create a one-time product or something that your customers are demanding and promote it for a limited amount of time. Some companies choose to implement new products where others will just focus on doing short-time marketing campaigns.
- Social media marketing - with social media you can reach out to your entire market segment in a timely manner. The great thing with social media is that it is free to use! This makes it easy to get a message out to a lot of people without needing to do much to get the message out to your customers.

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