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What Is Your Competitive Advantage?

Every organization needs to be able to understand where they stand in their market. Building a strong marketing presence is important to the success of your organization. What is it about your company that helps to provide you with a stronger competitive advantage? Why do your customers continue to support you over your competitors or vice-versa? The more you can learn about your competitive advantage, the easier it will be for you to create better marketing messages for your company and you will find that it is also easier for you to keep loyal customers.

Take the time to evaluate all of the products that you have. If you have products that sell because they have a lower price from the competition, this is considered your competitive advantage. You need to be able to see your company through your customer's eyes. A simple way to find out what your customers think of your company and to understand why they will support it year after year is by turning to customer surveys. These survey programs are great as you ask direct questions to your customers and you can get direct answers from them. It allows you to create marketing messages that they want to see but to learn product attributes that they deem valuable, which can aid in creating a stronger product for the future but to help you combine different products that will give you a great market presence.

In some cases your company may find that it's not the price at all but the quality customer service that your customers have come to respect. They are appreciative of the way your employees treat them each time they come to the organization. You will also find that your customers are able to feel loyal to the company because of the way they are treated. This is why they are willing to spend a little bit more on certain products because they really love the interactions that they have with the company.

Compare your marketing messages to those of other companies in your industry. You need to be able to create marketing messages that are flashy and bring in the attention of your customers. It helps to create a message that is unique but one that really promotes how your organization differs from others in your industry. When you are comparing the messages you will find that you can develop a new market segment by doing some research and learning how to understand your customers and what they expect from you.

Many small businesses can create a smaller niche market after doing market research studies. You can serve a smaller group that the larger companies tend to overlook and it can easily become profitable for your company. You just need to spend the time researching the niche groups and developing products that they will find to be valuable.

Learn about the individuals that are in charge of the buying decisions. These individuals are the ones that you want to target with the price and quality information. The initial person may be attracted to the ads that you send out but the person with the money is the one that will ultimately be in charge of the final decision to buy the product.

Keep in touch with your competition so you can learn about the things that they are doing. You need to be able to understand if you are staying a step ahead of them or not. If you don't keep tabs on what they are doing, you could be left behind with your marketing programs and you might struggle with attracting customers but building loyalty with the customers.

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