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Why it can payoff to get personal with your customers

Successful business owners know that the basis of effective marketing is found when you can establish a personal relationship with your customers. If you are not able to gain this relationship with your customers then the chances are high that they will simply tire of your product or service and move on to the competition when they see something new and exciting. If you are a business owner it is important to know that you need to get personal with your customers to find out what they want and how you can provide it to them. If you can do this you can execute a highly effective and successful marketing plan. Here is why it can payoff to get personal with your customers-

- Find out what they want and need-The first step in developing a personal relationship with your customers is by finding out what they want and need. This can be done best by doing market research. You will need to not only know what your customers want and need, but where to find them, and everything else that you can learn about them, as well. This information will help you to form the basis of a more personal relationship.
- Determine how you can fill that need-Once you know what your customers want or need you can then determine how your business will fill that need. This will not only give you the best way to market your product or service but it will also guide you in how to reach out to your customers. Generally, depending on the type of need that your customers have they will be looking for the solution in a particular place. You will want to make sure that your marketing is in that place.
- Decide how it will benefit your customers-It won't be enough to just know who your customers are, what they need, and how you will fill that need. You will also need to know how your product or service benefits your customers. Every purchase that is made is because of the perceived benefit to the buyer. Knowing how your customers will benefit from your product or service will guide you in being able to develop a more personal relationship with them. You will be able to show them how they will benefit when they agree to spend their money with your business.
- Find a way to connect with your customers-Once you have the information that is listed above you must then find a way to connect with your customers. If you have done the right amount of market research you will be able to see where you can find your customers. If your customers are online then you will need to connect with them online. If your customers can be found at a trade show then you will need to take your business there. Wherever your customers are is where you need to be.
- Offer them something of value-Finally, it is crucial that you able to offer your customers something of value through the marketing that you do. If you are only using your marketing to push for sales your customers will quickly catch on and become irritated with your marketing efforts. This can not only prevent you from developing a personal relationship with them but it can damage your business.Whether you are using email, online marketing, Twitter, Facebook, direct mail, or some other type of marketing you will need to make sure that you offering your customers something of value. When you do this they will come to view you as a business that has their best interests at heart which creates long, lasting customers.

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