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Why you should have mobile and social media networking in your business marketing plan

Businesses are confronted by a number of different marketing choices, and methods, almost on a daily basis. Business owners can be overwhelmed as they try to make the decision as to where they should put their marketing dollars. Since most businesses have limited resources with it comes to marketing, this decision has to be carefully and with considerable thought.

Many times business owners are tempted to try the “put all my eggs in one basket” strategy. This rarely brings about the desired results. Successful business owners know that they must diversify their marketing dollars, to wherever they will get the best return, without focusing to heavily on only one type of marketing strategy. This way you are much more likely to attract the customers that you want to and get the marketing results that you need.

Two of the most popular methods of marketing that are available right now, are mobile and social media networking. Many business owners feel that they must choose only one of these types of marketing. The reality is that these types of marketing work very well together and can work together to increase the return that you get on your marketing dollars. Here is why you should have mobile and social media networking in your business marketing plan-
• You can use them to develop a long lasting relationship-Social media networking has been around longer, then mobile marketing. However, each type of marketing strategy is based on establishing a relationship with your customer. Once you have established a trust and creditability between your business and its customers, they are far more likely to continue on with your marketing efforts, wherever they may lead. In addition, with this type of personal relationship you are in turn reaping the benefits of possibly that best kind of marketing, which word of mouth. Customers who are engaged in this type of marketing with you are far more likely to tell their friends and family, about what your business can offer them. Keep in mind that this is far more likely to happen if you offer incentives such as: coupons, samples and sneak peeks of new products, via both mobile and social media networking marketing.
• You can use both type of marketing to engage your customers in an interactive manner-Great marketing draws your customer in and helps them engage with your business. Using mobile and social media networking marketing can help you to do just that. You want to figure out how you can attract the attention of your target market, and keep it long enough so that they will make the decision to buy from you. However, it should be stressed that no matter which form of marketing that you are using, you should be offering something of value to your customers. You need to make sure that you offer this, or you will soon find your marketing efforts being blocked or deleted both online and in their mobile devices.
• You can open a window from social media networking to mobile marketing-Because most social media networking sites require demographic information, at signup, you can use this information, to determine the best mobile marketing that will attract your potential customers. The information that you gain from social media networking can go a long way toward helping you to design a highly personalized campaign, for your mobile marketing. You can use both types of marketing to target your customer. Marketing experts agree that a business can use mobile marketing via social networking to drive highly targeted traffic his way. The reason for this is that using both type of marketing makes it so much easier to personalize your mobile marketing.

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