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Measure, measure, measure

If you want to have a successful marketing program you have to measure, measure, measure. If you do not measure, you are basically marketing blind, which is never a good idea. It is not going to do you any good to run a campaign, or try a new marketing tactic if you are unaware of whether or not it is successful. Setting up some metrics, and be vigilant about measuring results will help you find the best marketing plan. Consider the following:

Measure to gauge the efficiency of the marketing program- One of the best reasons to measure is to gauge the efficiency of the marketing program. Is it as effective as you had hoped? Are you getting the results you planned for? Is the money you are spending worth the outcome? The only way to know if your marketing program is efficient is by tracking its success. Measure the outcome, gauge the efficiency. It is worth repeating--You can only do this if you closely track the metrics.

Measuring your results gives you the ability to change unproductive programs- It helps your employees to see what is important to you, and the outcome you are hoping for. This will help them come up with ideas to advance your goals. When something is being tracked or measured it means it matters. If your marketing matters to you, track it. This will clue employees in to what matters most to you, and give you a chance to see what is working, and most importantly, what is not working in your marketing approach. Using metrics helps you adjust your marketing plan so that every penny you spend, and every effort you make for marketing is one that is going to bring you customers, build your reputation, help your brand, and in doing so, build your market share.

Measuring shows the red-flags- This is a great way to identify performance breakdowns, and helps you identify problems in your program. No one is going to come up with the perfect marketing program the first time, and there is always room for improvement. Thus, metrics can help you see where there are problems, and often how you can adjust your approach to eliminate those problems and create a more effective, and efficient marketing approach.

If you can't measure it, don't use it. If you are not sure how to set up metrics, change your system, find someone who does. The point is, measuring is valuable, and worth the expense and time. It is going to help you create the most effective and efficient marketing plan possible, and in doing so improve your company and help it grow.

When marketing online, use specific codes and links so you can measure traffic from specific sources. Ask your customers where they found you, and how they heard about you, don't be afraid of technology, use it to calculate the effectiveness of each effort you make in marketing.

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