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Integrate culture throughout the marketing process

One of the best things you can do for your business is integrate culture into your marketing process. You can do this by creating happy, engaged employees who then help you create delighted customers who become raving fans, and little marketing machines. Here's how you can integrate culture into your marketing process:

Define your company purpose- If you want to integrate culture into your marketing process, you have to define your company purpose so that your employees know what your goals are. Sometimes the purpose will align with a common cause, such as finding solutions for something, environmental awareness, etc. However, culture is created when you have a direction you want your company to go in, and you emphasize that with every staff member, whether that is brewing the best coffee, or providing the simplest online solutions, or something else entirely.

Create a compelling vision- You have to create a compelling vision. You need to look for ways to inspire your company staff and employees. Where do you see your company in the future? How do you see your product or service impacting the lives of others? What do you want for yourself and your staff? A vision that excited and compels your staff will be more readily integrated into the marketing process, and thus more readily translated to consumers, who will also find excitement if what you have to offer.

Set strong core values you will abide by- You have to have strong core values. In other words, people want to align themselves with companies they feel they can trust. This is why companies that espouse family values, etc. often have a greater following. This is why something like a CEO sleeping with his secretary can damage the stock prices of a public company. People often equate the worth of a company to the strength of its core values. Determine what your company's are. If you are going to value honesty, this means taking a loss if it means making things right with a customer. Decide what you value, but be sure you stick with it.

Create a strong internal brand helps you create a powerful external brand- If the people who interact with your consumers on a regular basis have a strong belief in your company, and your brand, it will be easier for the consumers they interact with to be drawn to the brand as well.

As you create a culture of shared goals, and excitement about the company, its growth, and its values, you will see that it impacts marketing. Your customers will feel a greater level of trust with you, which will become higher profits, and your employees will feel more loyalty, which will pass from them to the customers they interact with. In other words, create a culture, and integrate it into your marketing process, and you will see higher profitability and customer loyalty as a result.

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