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Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Like every form of marketing, mobile marketing comes with its own unique set of rules, or rules of thumb, tactics to follow for success, and most importantly, mistakes to avoid making. The following is a look at some mobile marketing mistakes you can avoid in order to have a better response to your mobile marketing efforts:

Mistake #1: Not planning a mobile marketing strategy
Marketing takes planning, and mobile marketing requires a strategy even more. It is a very personal form of marketing, arriving right in the hands of most people. Thus, you have to know what you are going to say, and why, otherwise it will be a waste of time and a good way to alienate potential customers.

Mistake #2: Treating mobile users like PC users. The mobile marketing strategy can't be the same as your web strategy. The way people use mobile devices is different then how they use their computers. Thus, you want to address that, and create your plan accordingly.

Mistake #3: Not buying dedicated short codes. Your short code can become a part of your brand. They are expensive to purchase, but if you are a large enough company, or can afford it, it is worth it. It helps you avoid certain problems and can allow you to make your short code a recognizable part of your brand.

Mistake #4: Not segmenting your database. You want to target specific audiences. Again, mobile marketing is very personal, and thus every message should be targeted to very specific audience.

Mistake #5: Not building your mobile user database. Your messages should occasionally ask users to tell their friends, and provide an easy way for forwarded messages to turn into opt ins. Each time you ask users to share, you want to include a line that says, "Text (keywords) to (shortcode)" as this will help you build your database, and see how effective it is. Just remember, don't add anyone that did not ask to be added.

Mistake #6: Not promoting mobile website. Part of the mobile marketing strategy includes a mobile website, with QR codes, clear and concise information, and more. This should be promoted.

Mistake #7: Not including opt in and opt out instructions. Your mobile marketing campaign needs clear and easy opt-in instructions, and if you want to keep users happy, it needs to be simple to opt-out. They need to feel like if it ever becomes too much for them they only need to text "STOP" back to you and they can be removed.

Mistake #8: Not building relationships with customers. Mobile marketing, just like other marketing needs to focus on building relationships. With mobile marketing you create the interaction that does this with polls, surveys, contests, etc.

Mistake #9: Not using the full potential of mobile devices. Send pictures, send music snippets, send all kinds of things, as most mobile devices have a lot of medium capabilities, and the more varied you make it, the more it engages and appeals to the users.

Mistake #10: Not knowing and observing the law. If you are going to use mobile marketing, be sure that you read up on and familiarize yourself with the mobile anti-spam legislation. Then do what it says.

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