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6 tips to creating a usable network

Creating a usable network is essential in order for the purpose of a network to work.Networks are set up to share and send information from a device (such as a computer) to another device.Networks consist of at least two devices (one of them is a computer).Networking has increased communication between people.If you have a network, you need to make sure it is usable and make sure you keep it usable. Here are some tips on how to make your network usable:

Tip #1 -

First you need to decide which type of network you want: wireless or wired.It is important to make sure you pick the option that is best suited to your needs.If you are in a building with many rooms and computers, wireless is the best option.If your network is only in one room, a wired network will work just fine.The advantage to a wireless network is it allows for mobility.You can be in one room and send something to the printer that is clear down the hall.You can also connect to the Internet no matter where you're at (within a router's range) if you are on a wireless network with Internet.The advantage to a wired network is that it is faster than wireless.

Tip #2 -
Make sure your network is secure.In order to have a network that is usable, it must be secure.You will need a router for your network, whether you have a wireless or a wired network.Your router should have a firewall installed.This will protect your network from possible viruses that could occur.Firewalls will control what comes into the network and what leaves the network.If you have a large area to network, you might need more than one router so all areas can have access to the network.

Tip #3 -
Not only should your network be secure, but each computer should be secure.If one computer gets a virus, it could affect the entire network.Each computer should have anti-virus software installed.This will help keep viruses out.This software must be updated regularly to avoid the number of viruses that are out there.You also need anti-spyware on each computer.Spyware watches which websites you go to and "spies" on you as you use the Internet.This could be very dangerous because you could leak out important information.

Tip #4 -
Make sure all of your devices are connected to the network.If the devices are not connected, networking cannot take place.All computers must be connected to the network in order to access information on the network and to use other devices on the network (such as a printer, copier, or scanner).If your network connects to the Internet, each computer will need a wireless card in order to connect to the Internet.

Tip #5 -
Be aware of any upgrades or updates that your network will need.It is important to update or upgrade regularly.This will help your network stay secure.It will also help you keep up to date with the newest and best technological capabilities that networks have.

Tip #6 -
In order to make your network usable, you will need to teach those that are on the network about it.They should know how the network works.They should know the features that are available with your network.It would also be a good idea to come up with network rules, so networking is safe and continues to stay usable.Every one using the network should sign an agreement to comply with the network rules.

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